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Get the most out of your workouts with these new Polar watches

15 September 2018

The optical heart rate provides accurate heart rate readings, running power, training load and recovery data. The Vantage V model, as you can guess by its price point, is intended for über-serious competitors that need all the stats they can get. The watches also offer battery life of up to 40 hours or training time, new training load and recovery features and the ability to calculate running power with no additional sensors.

Basically, this watch can tell when you need to slow down or take a break to avoid injuries, also encouraging you to do better and train harder if your body can take it. Running power should be a better measure of effort than pace or even heart rate, making it especially useful in races - stick to the right running power to pace your run and you might never blow up two kilometres from the end again. The watch's heart-rate sensing isn't made to be EKG-accurate, but it's created to work with multiple sports. Measuring running power from the wrist is unique and one of the most exciting features of the Vantage V.

Electronics manufacturer Polar on Thursday announced the Vantage V and Vantage M, its latest smartwatches designed for athletes which offer up to 40 hours of intensive training time, new heart rate monitoring technologies, and a wide variety of other features meant to deliver a premium fitness tracking experience.

Polar is very focused on coaching and providing support to help you achieve your goals.

The Vantage V will be available for $499.99 with black, white, and orange color options available.

Another highlight of the Vantage V is its "Precision Prime" heart rate monitor, which incorporates nine optical channels, a 3D accelerometer and four electrode sensors. The Vantage M watch is similar, also sporting Precision Prime, Training Load Pro, and Polar Flow for Coach.

The Vantage M will be available in black, white, or red for $279.99. The major differences in the V and M are that running power and Recover Pro are not provided on the Vantage M and the interface is controlled with buttons since there is no touchscreen available on the Vantage M.

Get the most out of your workouts with these new Polar watches