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Game Freak's 'Town' Is Their Next Nintendo Switch RPG, Similar to Pokemon?

16 September 2018

Every now and then however, you have to try something new, and that's where the currently titled game (working title, may change before release), Town comes in.

Although Town is still a working title, this unique RPG will release on Nintendo Switch in 2019. In Town, players must take up arms against invading monsters, all within the walls of a single village.

A game that essentially takes place in just one village may seem small in scope, but odds are that village is packed with secrets and surprises to find throughout your journey. To defend the town, players will have to utilize the talents of all the town's inhabitants, perhaps even those within the castle above.

Despite being known for its best-selling series of Pokémon games, Game Freak has been branching out into self-publishing as of last year's platformer, Giga Wrecker. Few know that Game Freak's first game for Nintendo was the Yoshi puzzle game for NES and Game Boy, originally released in 1991. There's the 2005 action-platformer Drill Dozer and the 2012 rhythm game HarmoKnight, each for Nintendo's handheld platforms. And now it's stretching its creative muscles again with an all-new role-playing adventure for Nintendo Switch!

The gameplay of Town looks more like a game divided into two genres.