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How the Waffle House is archaic to resolve a typhoon's fury

16 September 2018

On Wednesday, Nia Watson, a local news reporter for WMBF, tweeted that the Myrtle Beach Waffle House had closed for the storm.

When it comes to surveying storm damage, the federal government even unofficially turns to Waffle House with the "Waffle House Index".

When a storm strikes, local officials will put out a call to the nearest Waffle House and find out what's on the menu.

The only thing that really ever does close a Waffle House is a direct hit from a tornado, maybe the building being on fire, or an exceptionally strong hurricane. If a Waffle House closes, it suggests the event was bad enough to potentially have devastating effects on the economy.

So remember, if you're in the middle of a natural disaster but you see an open Waffle House, you're actually completely and totally safe, and you should go have some waffles.

- It is more than just an old Southern tale that Waffle House tries to remain open no matter what. Known as the "Waffle House Index," FEMA has used the color-coded maps to update the public on how storm conditions are impacting areas since 2004.

The chain's policy has provided an unofficial way for the Federal Emergency Management Agency to track the severity of a natural disaster.

"The Waffle Condo check staunch would now not recount us how rapid a trade would possibly well well per chance rebound - it also tells how the easier personnel is faring", FEMA talked about in a 2011 weblog publish when Craig Fugate was administrator.

Many from the South decide how severe a storm is and if it warrants evacuation based on if Waffle House shuts its doors or not, and on Wednesday it appears some have ahead of Florence.

During hurricanes, Waffle House is often the measure of the hurricane's damage.

"They know immediately which stores are going to be affected and they call their employees to know who can show up and who cannot", Panos Kouvelis, Ph.D., the Emerson Distinguished Professor of Operations and Manufacturing Management and director of the Olin's Boeing Center for Technology, Information and Manufacturing, explained to EHS Today. "You haven't found the bad stuff yet". "They have temporary warehouses where they can store food and most importantly, they know they can operate without a full menu".

But what about when Waffle House is open with a limited menu?

How the Waffle House is archaic to resolve a typhoon's fury