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Google officially rolling out Night Sight to the Pixel camera

15 November 2018

Since it is the official version, the full functionality of the app will only be available for Pixel users.

Taking pictures in low-light situations has always been a challenge, especially on smartphone cameras. And it does all of that before you take the picture.

However, Night Sight changes all that, and thanks to Google flexing its computational photography skills, the Pixel 3 is now capable of capturing some incredible low-light pics. But with Night Sight, the Pixel camera is able to intelligently make those dark, grainy, and crappy photos less dark, grainy, and crappy. The camera app will even suggest when you should give Night Sight a shot - you can find it under "More" and then choosing "Night". "We've also brought it to Pixel 2 and the original Pixel, although on the latter we use shorter exposures because it has no optical image stabilization (OIS)", Marc Levoy, Distinguished Engineer, and Yael Pritch Knaan, Staff Software Engineer at Google, said in a blog post. That means to get the best results, you really need to try to hold your phone as steady as possible.

Night Sight consists of "many dark but sharp photos into one bright photo". Either way, Night Sight takes a bit longer than standard photos to capture, but the results are worth it. You'll often be surprised! Moreover, Google also shared how Night Sight works which, in a nutshell, works using AI to understand the surroundings at the night and adding light as well as balancing the colours accordingly.

Night Sight can take an image that might otherwise have been too dim and turn it into something that looks not just passable but nice. In addition, you have to enable Night Sight from the camera app settings. It's not super likely this feature will expand to non-Pixel smartphones. But in odd way, the biggest winners of all this may be Pixel 1 and Pixel 2 owners, who will also be getting Night Sight over the next few days.

Google officially rolling out Night Sight to the Pixel camera