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United Nations to convene Yemen talks in Sweden soon

17 November 2018

Britain has drafted a new United Nations resolution to be submitted to the Security Council on Friday during a special session focusing on ending the conflict in Yemen.

As for the date expected for holding the announced peace talks in Sweden, it will be on November 29 as stated in the draft resolution. "I believe they are genuine and I expect them to continue in that way and appear for those consultations".

"This is a crucial moment for Yemen", he said, warning that a flare-up of fighting on the ground could derail the peace effort.

Riyadh has waged war on its southern neighbor since March 2015, to overthrow the Houthi-led government, which Saudi Arabia accuses of being a proxy of Iran.

In the House, Democratic lawmakers voiced frustration Wednesday after Republican leaders blocked debate on a resolution that would direct the president to end the U.S. military's support of Saudi-led forces within 30 days, and until Congress authorises such support.

He has asked the council to support his request for a truce in and around facilities and infrastructure used for humanitarian aid; facilitate and protect the supply of food and other critical supplies across the country; help resuscitate the national economy; increase humanitarian funding; and for the parties to the conflict to support the work of the special envoy on the political front.

Paul's original bill which sought to expand US punitive measures to Saudi Arabia's regional allies as merely displaying symbolic outrage at the Saudis for the sake of PR damage control, and not actually interesting in permanently ending the Saudi coalition's devastation of Yemen.

"We are exhausted of the war, the blood and the killing", Hassan Abdel Kareem, a father of seven, told the AFP news agency.

"Yemen is on the brink - so together we must act", Beasley said.

Back from a recent visit to Yemen, the head of the UN World Food Programme warned that the country faced a full-blown starvation in around six months. "Let the children live and let the people start to rebuild their lives", Beasely said.

He said he saw children who were "skin and bones" dying in hospitals that did not have the capacity to care for them.

Eight million people are affected by severe food shortages, according to United Nations officials, who warn that up to 14 million - or half of Yemen's population - are at risk of starvation.

The conflict in Yemen began with the 2014 takeover of the capital of Sanaa by the Houthis, which overthrew Yemeni President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi. The Houthis now rule most of Yemen's population, while the exiled government controls a section of the south.

Colonel Turki al-Maliki, the spokesman for the Saudi-led coalition, would not confirm the halted offensive as a ceasefire, saying military operations will continue.

Since then, data collected by Al Jazeera and the Yemen Data Project has found that more than 18,000 air raids have been carried out in Yemen, with nearly one-third of all bombing missions striking non-military sites.

United Nations to convene Yemen talks in Sweden soon