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How 2020 Presidential Hopeful Kirsten Gillibrand Has Fought for Small Businesses

19 January 2019

At the time, Gillibrand said she supported legislation that required anyone seeking a drivers' license to show proof of citizenship first. She'll hold an event in Cedar Rapids on Friday night, and make stops in Ames, Des Moines, and Cedar Rapids during the weekend.

Gillibrand, 52, is an Asia expert who studied Mandarin for six months in 1986 in China and in Taiwan, where she once rode a motorcycle without wearing a helmet, she reportedly told the New York Times.

Since then, she has won her re-election bids easily and remains popular in NY.

Officially, more than 450 people have registered with the Federal Election Commission to run.

During the same period, Gillibrand said Hillary Clinton's husband, former President Bill Clinton, should have resigned from the White House after his affair with intern Monica Lewinsky, which led to his impeachment by the House. She has strongly condemned Republicans like former Republican National Committee finance chair Steve Wynn (all his donations should be returned, she said) and President Donald Trump (he should resign over sexual misconduct allegations).

Trump's post drew swift backlash. Richard Ojeda. Continetti cited Barack Obama's former campaign manager in saying the woman who would defeat them all is not in the race. She said better public schools and job training is essential for anyone to "earn their way into the middle class".

"But it's one I'm taking because I am going to run", Gillibrand said.

She went on to argue that in order to achieve all that, she needs to first take on 'institutional racism, ' corruption as well as greed in the political sphere and other social institutions. She disowned views on immigration and guns that she expressed when she represented a conservative upstate House district. Gillibrand has also shared stories of her own experiences with harassment - recounting in her memoir that a fellowsenator once squeezed her waist and told her, "I like my girls chubby". Kirsten Gillibrand seriously as a candidate for president and focusing on her policy positions, and not on whether she is likable or cute.

Gillibrand is sure to face some hard questions about her past stances on issues of sexual harassment and misconduct.

Gillibrand laid out her case for her candidacy in Troy (near Albany), which is where her headquarters will be.

Gillibrand shot back immediately on Twitter. She told MSNBC that the "tolerance that we had 25 years ago, what was allowed 25 years ago, will not be tolerated today, is not allowed today".

The New York senator's decision to (almost) thrown her hat into the ring isn't a huge shock.

The only times I've heard the Senator challenged on these incredible flip-flops, she's trotted out what appears to be her default talking point.

Her steady march to 2020 hit a few bumps along the way, however.

Adding that Gillibrand will have to perform well among female voters, Continetti expressed doubts about how wide her appeal will be. "But a lot of candidates will try to do this".

Ms Gillibrand has been called an opportunist by critics who suggest she's been positioning herself in the current moment to gain political leverage to launch her presidential campaign, or else damaging the credibility of a party that sees itself as more pro-women and thereby helping a Republican Party that is making strides to further marginalise women.

Gillibrand's fellow senator Warren's big announcement has been met with mostly skeptical responses, including from The New York Times and The Boston Globe.

How 2020 Presidential Hopeful Kirsten Gillibrand Has Fought for Small Businesses