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These are the 230 new emojis for 2019

07 February 2019

The 2019 batch of emojis is just around the corner.

Emojipedia released its list of new animated images overnight with many praising the inclusion of various disabilities, gender inclusive couples as well as various skin tones of people holding hands. There are also new food-themed emojis, including a waffle, butter, an onion, garlic and a juice box. The victor, though, has to be the waffle topped with a flawless little knob of butter. There are also emojis coming for guide dogs, flamingo, sloth, skunk and more. Plan International UK submitted it to the emoji powers-that-be at Unicode, but "sadly, the design didn't get accepted".

On Tuesday, Emojipedia released a first look at their new emojis for 2019. Check out the full range here.

Compared to the past emoji updates, this new version has a more diverse icon assortment for emoji fanatics.

You'll likely spot them in an Android beta come August, or on iOS in October or November through a software update.

Also causing a stir is the so-called "small pinch of salt", and it isn't hard to see why.

All in all, the Emoji 12.0 standard will introduce 59 distinct new characters this year. The list of new emojis is more inclusive of individuals with disabilities, which is something Apple actually pushed for early past year. Among the most noteworthy additions is a group of emoji representing people with disabilities, which was actually proposed by Apple last March. Plus all kinds of new clothing items (including a sari), a drop of blood (which has already been dubbed the "menstruating" emoji) as well as hearts and shapes in new colours.

These are the 230 new emojis for 2019