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2018 fourth hottest year on record

08 February 2019

The temperature past year were 0.83 degrees Celsius warmer than the 1951 to 1980 mean, according to NASA.

"The long-term temperature trend is far more important than the ranking of individual years, and that trend is an upward one", said Petteri Taalas, secretary general of the WMO. Nine of the 10 warmest years on record have all occurred since 2005. The damage included Hurricane Michael's United States dollars 25 billion tally and USD 24 billion each from Hurricane Florence and the western wildfires. Meanwhile, record levels of man-made greenhouse gas emissions, mainly from burning fossil fuels, trap ever more heat. Scientists warn that if we're to avoid the worst affects of climate change, we cannot allow the temperature to rise more than 2 degrees compared to pre-industrial levels.

"2018 is yet again an extremely warm year on top of a long-term global warming trend", GISS Director Gavin Schmidt said in a statement on Wednesday.

The year just past also saw 14 weather and climate related disasters with losses of $1 billion or more, which totaled about $91 billion in damages. Well, we haven't seen that on Earth since about 3 million years ago in the Pliocene.

Taalas said that the deadly cold snap was entirely consistent with the effects of man made climate change, including the warming of the poles.

U.S. government scientists have announced that the Earth's average temperature was the fourth hottest on record in 2018.

The specialists explain that the temperature of 2018 in Europe was the highest recorded in the analyses of both institutions, with 1.78 Celsius degrees above the average.

It appears highly likely, at least from today's perspective, that that line will be crossed, despite the fact that more than 190 countries have signed the Paris climate agreement, which sets targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

NASA and NOAA's Annual Global Analysis for 2018, released yesterday having been delayed by the government shutdown, is backed up by independent reports from the UK's Met Office, the World Meteorological Organization, the Japanese Meteorological Agency, and the United Nations, so is pretty hard to argue against (though we are sure some will try).

January 1 to December 31, 2018, according to NASA.

Schmidt said that 2018 was "quite clearly the fourth warmest year on record and it was probably warmer than many hundreds of years before that".

The Arctic is warming twice as fast as all regions of the world, on average, ice melt, and such changes have influenced the climate.

2018 fourth hottest year on record