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Life Sentence For Toronto Serial Killer Bruce McArthur

09 February 2019

Canadian prosecutors had asked a judge this week for McArthur to receive consecutive life sentences so he wouldn't be eligible for parole for 50 years, when he would be 116.

McArthur pleaded guilty last week to murdering eight men from Toronto's gay village. "The family friends and the community have been victimized twice - once when they went missing ... then again when they learn the horrific truth", McMahon said.

McArthur stood impassively in a red plaid shirt and grey jumper while the sentence was handed down on Friday.

February 23, 2018 - Police lay a sixth charge of first-degree murder against McArthur, identify Navaratnam as one of the alleged victims whose remains were found in the planters.

Saunders agreed, saying granting McArthur parole at any time would raise questions about sentencing protocols nationwide. He called their dismemberments pure evil, but said the guilty plea spared a jury four months of graphic and gruesome evidence that would have likely required counselling after.

"One of the most aggravating factors is the impact on the victims' family, friends and loved ones".

Toronto's Gay Village is a couple blocks of shops, restaurants and bars in the heart of the city. "What makes this particular case unique was that there was a serial killer".

"This is a crime of stark horror", Cantlon said in a statement. Top row (left to right): Selim Esen, Soroush Mahmudi, Dean Lisowick and Abdulbasir Faizi. "Unfortunately, they will live with this nightmare for the rest of their lives".

Police are still reviewing a series of cold cases to see if they can find any links to McArthur but have said that so far, they believe he didn't kill anyone else.

April 11, 2018 - Police lay a seventh murder charge against McArthur in Faizi's death. "In hindsight, (Kinsmen) left the name of his killer on his calendar".

An artist's sketch of the trial shows Bruce McArthur in the centre.

Going off that lead, police eventually placed McArthur under recurring surveillance and gathered sufficient evidence to arrest him on January 18, 2018, when officers saw him bring a Middle Eastern man into his east Toronto apartment complex - a man they subsequently found naked and handcuffed to McArthur's bed.

The 67-year-old killer sat quietly hunched over, hands folded in his lap, as a row of police detectives - whose investigation unfolded over the course of last year to become Toronto's largest ever - watched from a row of seats directly behind him.

The questions surrounding police bias around McArthur have led to the formation of an advisory board made up of activists, lawyers and former judges, who will conduct an independent investigation into how missing persons reports are handled, according to The Toronto Sun.

Outside the courthouse on Friday, Nicole Borthwick - a friend of Kinsman, Lisowick and Esen - expressed her disappointment with the sentence. In 25 years, the convicted killer will be 92 years old. Also discussed was McArthur's habit of taking pictures of his victims in various costumes, according to The Washington Post. "That doesn't mean he's going to be free".

Life Sentence For Toronto Serial Killer Bruce McArthur