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Virginia Democrat Gov. Ralph Northam 'Must Resign'

09 February 2019

Barbara Favola of Virginia saying, "I have to take a breath and think about this".

Tyson alleges she met Fairfax when they were both working at the Democratic National Convention in Boston in 2004. Aides to Scott told CNN that the congressman did not learn "the full scope of the allegation" until Wednesday, when Tyson released a lengthy statement that detailed her version of her encounter with Fairfax.

Scott became aware roughly a year ago, during the height of the #MeToo movement, of the sexual assault allegation that has surfaced against commonwealth Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax, according to a news account.

Asked Thursday whether Ms. Tyson deserved the same recognition, the congresswoman answered, "I do". "In actuality, Virginia faked left and went right", said Gary Flowers, a Richmond native who is the former CEO of the Black Leadership Forum. "At some point, we've got to learn that women do not come forward unless they have truly been assaulted, because coming forward is yet another assault, emotionally, on an individual".

Two men wearing blackface, another in a Ku Klux Klan costume and a disputed encounter in a Boston hotel room: the USA state of Virginia is in the grip of a series of scandals that could end the careers of three of the state's top elected officials.

Should all three resign or be forced out by party higher-ups, governorship would be passed to Kirk Cox, speaker of the Virginia House of Delegates - and a Republican.

Fairfax, who would step in as governor if Northam resigns, said the encounter with Tyson was consensual, that the allegation is false and threatened legal action against Tyson.

The party made big gains in 2017, fuelled in part because by a backlash against President Donald Trump, his policies and the ongoing investigations into numerous aspects of his business and political practices.

"Democrats have not learned the wrong lessons from Trump, and I'm glad about that".

Northam has continued to cling to power, hunkered down in the governor's mansion in Richmond, despite facing calls to resign from nearly the entire Democratic party in Virginia, and a number of prominent black public figures.

Cox also urged Herring to "adhere to the standard he has set for others", a nod to Herring's previous call that Northam resign.

Republican Del. David Yancey was tied with Democrat Shelly Simonds after all votes were counted in the 2017 Virginia election. But in his statement, he said nothing about the existence of a photo.

When Virginia Governor Ralph Northam was first linked to a photo on his medical school yearbook page, depicting one person in blackface and another in a Ku Klux Klan outfit, many assumed he would resign, turning over power to Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax.

"While Virginia's demographics and politics have been evolving in recent years, social change and change in people's attitudes is often very slow in coming", Sherry said.

Herring's admission came after a meeting with the Virginia legislative black caucus, and before any unfortunate photos were dug up.

Northam has disputed that he was one of the people in costume. Trump, who previously called for Northam's resignation, commented on the widening scandal again on Twitter. Yancey was elected by drawing names from a ceramic bowl. He said it was no longer possible for Northam to lead the state.

Virginia Democrat Gov. Ralph Northam 'Must Resign'