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Virginia: second woman accuses lieutenant governor of sexual assault

09 February 2019

Fairfax denied the latest allegation and vowed to remain in his post. It is demonstrably false.

"With 114 editions of The Bomb available online dating back to 1885, I am not surprised that those wanting to engulf Republican leaders in the current situations involving the Governor, Lt. Governor, and Attorney General would highlight the yearbook from my graduation a half century ago", Norment said.

The Virginia state government has now seen all three of its top statewide elected leaders facing scandal.

Last Friday, a conservative website published a picture of Northam's medical school yearbook, which included a picture of one man in blackface and a second in a Ku Klux Klan outfit.

Northam immediately apologized for appearing in the photograph, saying he could not "undo the harm my behavior caused then and today".

Northam has faced widespread calls for his resignation - including from the Virginia Legislative Black Caucus, which reiterated its initial condemnation of his actions in a statement released Thursday.

On Saturday, though, the governor reversed course and said he wasn't in the picture. "She's not suing him for money, so disbelievers and doubters can't say, 'Oh, she just wants money.' She just wants, as she says, the Virginia voters to know who this person is". But the governor left his long-term plans open, saying he would reassess his decision not to resign if it became clear he had no viable path forward.

Calls for Northam's resignation among Virginia's Democratic establishment were almost universal early on, with at least five Democratic candidates for the White House joining the chorus.

Democratic Virginia state Sen.

"The allegations against Justin Fairfax are serious and credible", McAuliffe tweeted.

As for Fairfax, the group called for a full investigation of the allegations but didn't call for his ouster.

The email comes after the top three Democrats in Virginia's state government are now contending with various controversies, including Northam and state Attorney General Mark Herring admitting to having worn blackface in the 1980s.

Herring, who like Northam is white and apologised for his past behaviour, had previously called for the governor to quit.

Virginia Speaker of the House Kirk Cox, a Republican, is fourth in line for Northam's seat.

The revelation echoed a controversy that first enmeshed the state's top Democrat, Governor Ralph Northam, last Friday.

"It has been a painful week for all Virginians, and I am deeply sorry for causing this distraction from your important work. I think he's betrayed the public trust, and he should resign", Booker said in response to a reporter's question during an appearance in Iowa.

The "evil of abortion" has led to the uncovering of several other problems among Virginia's political leaders, and the state will have to face the issues and deal with them, Rep. Doug Collins said Thursday. "We respect all survivors and believe they should be fully heard", the House Democrats' statement says.

Virginia: second woman accuses lieutenant governor of sexual assault