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Warriors' Durant under pressure to break silence

09 February 2019

We now take you to a real-time view of the Kevin Durant recruiting room, with the Knicks playing the part of Frank and the Clippers filling the role of Annie. Grow up. Yeah, you [looking at Strauss] - grow up.

"I think he looked at a grand plan, he is going to go to the East and create something on his own". Just walk in here, survey and then write something like that, and then now y'all piling on me because I don't want to talk about that.

In reality, Durant's abnormal silence has been louder than likely anything he would have said in the nine previous days. This recent run by Golden State came after a middling stretch where the Dubs went just 16-13, causing many to wonder if the apparent rift between Durant and Draymond Green was having a negative effect on the team and if the club was actually no longer a title favorite.

The Warriors star hadn't spoken to the media since the Knicks traded Porzingis to the Mavericks last week, freeing up enough cap space to sign two free agents to max contracts this summer. "Most people within the Warriors either think Durant is leaving or profess not to know one way or the other", Strauss had written, echoing the Bleacher Report's Howard Beck, who quoted an unnamed National Basketball Association executive who said the Knicks' trade "means they're pretty sure they're getting KD". And Durant, whose departure from Golden State is talked.

On Wednesday night, the game was a footnote. We want to see that KD every day. "What he can't control is BS that happens in the media or people making the decision for him or all this other stuff". All that other stuff, I wouldn't call it a distraction, but from his standpoint, frustrating.

Patrick also warned Durant that he must treat the media with more respect. Will it help me do my job better...

"Kevin Durant is an interesting character but he has got to understand you can't blame the media when you feed the media". "I didn't feel like talking".

Warriors' Durant under pressure to break silence