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Bootleg Liquor Kills 100 In India's Worst Outbreak In Years

11 February 2019

An average of 1,000 people, mostly from poorer sections of society, die in India each year after consuming illegally brewed alcohol, according to the National Crime Records Bureau. Some 79 000 litres of tainted liquor were also seized in raids.

Police in India have launched an investigation after dozens have died from drinking bootleg alcohol in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh.

"However, in the remaining cases unless the viscera report is not available, it is hard for doctors to ascertain clearly that the deaths were caused due to alcohol", A K Pandey, district magistrate Saharanpur said Saturday.

Bootleg liquor operations flourish in rural India, where many people can't afford to buy alcohol from state-approved shops.

Deaths from illegally brewed alcohol are common in India because the poor can not afford licensed brands. It also was smuggled back to the Saharanpur district by a villager who then sold it to others, police said.

In Uttar Pradesh's Kushinagar district, 8 deaths have been reported because of the consumption of hooch.

"We will catch everyone involved, either this side of the border or that side", Saharanpur Superintendent of Police Dinesh Kumar said in an NDTV report.

We are trying to find out if anyone else has consumed the (spurious) liquor.

Health officials in India are now having a tough time attending to patients after no less than 72 victims died consuming contaminated liquor.

The action has been taken following instructions from Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath.

Between last week and four months after the BJP government came to power in UP in 2017, at least 74 people died after consuming hooch.

Bootleg Liquor Kills 100 In India's Worst Outbreak In Years