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Reasons Why Apex Legends Might Be The New Fortnite

13 February 2019

Both are excellent figures given that only a handful of games and categories routinely pull in six-digit viewership numbers, but before Apex Legends launched, Fortnite was often in the top spot on the Twitch directory. Anyone still playing Titanfall 2 before Apex Legends released is very, very good at Titanfall 2. @PlayApex hit 25 million players this morning.

The EA-developed title is free-to-play, like its main rivals Fortnite and PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds, although it offers a number of additional features at a price thanks to so-called Loot Boxes which can be bought for additional in-game items.

Apex Legends has taken the world of video games by storm.

Apex Legends has only been out for just over a week but is already the hot new battle royale game of the moment.

Developer Respawn kept the development of Apex Legends under wraps, unveiling the finished game with very little fanfare and allowing the game to become a word of mouth phenomenon nearly overnight.

Apex Legends has crossed the 25 million player threshold in just a week. This is still exciting news for mobile gamers, though.

"Apex Legends" signed up 10 million players within three days of its launch, EA said last week, a milestone that Fortnite took two weeks to reach.

Apex Legends demonstrates a fearless innovation, ' Romariz said, adding that "Fortnite" took three months to reach 30 million users. You may have something to look forward to once the initial rush is over, especially if hints of solo and duo modes prove accurate.

So, the question that is on everyone's mind, is Apex Legends really "the Fortnite Killer"?

Obviously, this side-by-side comparison of Twitch performance needs to come with a reminder that Apex Legends has only been out a week while Fortnite has dominated the platform for a year. But if it doesn't acknowledge the complaints of the community in season eight, Fortnite may slowly lose its crown as the biggest battle royale game.

Reasons Why Apex Legends Might Be The New Fortnite