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Lufthansa sues passenger, says he skipped a connecting flight on goal

14 February 2019

On the return flight, the passenger did not catch the Frankfurt to Oslo leg of the journey and instead flew from Frankfurt to Berlin on a separate Lufthansa reservation. But one passenger has been taken to court by the German airline Lufthansa for doing exactly that.

While that might seem like an innocent enough act, the German airline claims that the passenger was trying to leverage the "hidden city" ticket trick, a method experienced airline passengers employ to get cheaper fares.

Airlines are unhappy with this as it can make it challenging to track passengers, it can cause delays as planes wait for flyers who never show, and that it unfairly takes advantage of the hub-and-spoke nature of airfares, which Lufthansa is particularly vulnerable to with Frankfurt and Munich airports.

Lufthansa is suing a man who intentionally failed to board a connecting flight from Frankfurt to Oslo, but the lawsuit has nothing to do with the passenger's tardiness.

Germany's Lufthansa Group Airlines is suing a passenger who found a cheap way to travel between several cities in Europe and the USA, saying the customer broke its rules when he skipped part of his return flight on a round-trip ticket from Oslo to Seattle. But instead of making the entire trip, he got off his return flight in Frankfurt.

Checking in baggage is not advised, as cases are often transported straight through to the final destination.

Though the practice could save a little money, it could be harmful to both the airlines and other passengers as well.

An initial court case came down in the passenger's favour in December 2016, but Lufthansa has now been granted permission to appeal against the decision and pursue payment from the unnamed traveller.

Lufthansa declined to offer any further comment to Global News, saying the case is now in court.

The booking website Skiplagged helps passengers find cheap deals on flights and offers a hidden city option, helping "tariff abusers" buy flights for lower prices.

The case was thrown out in 2015 after the judge in the Northern District Court of IL said the court didn't have jurisdiction over the case because Zaman didn't live or do business in that city.

Lufthansa sues passenger, says he skipped a connecting flight on goal