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Shamima Begum: 'Unconfirmed reports' baby son dead

08 March 2019

Ms Begum's son was born on February 17, days after she was tracked down heavily-pregnant by in a refugee camp in Syria.

There were conflicting reports Friday about the newborn son of a United Kingdom -born teenager who left her London home to join the Islamic State group in Syria, after the mother's lawyer said the boy was reported to have died.

Her family's lawyer Tasnime Akunjee said earlier on Friday that there were "strong but as yet unconfirmed" reports that the teenager's son Jarrah had died.

Last month, Mr Javid confirmed the boy was a British citizen and said he had considered the child's interest when deciding to revoke Ms Begum's citizenship.

However, a spokesman for the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces said the baby was alive and healthy.

Begum was 15 when she fled east London to travel to the war-torn country to marry an Islamic State fighter in 2015.

Whilst the Home Office can not make her stateless, they are able to revoke her citizenship if she is found to have acted "in a manner which is seriously prejudicial to the vital interests of the U" and if he claims to have "reasonable grounds for believing that the person is able, under the law of a country or territory outside the United Kingdom, to become a national of such a country or territory".

Mr Javid has insisted Begum will not be left "stateless" - something which is banned under global law - after her United Kingdom citizenship was stripped, amid speculation that she is a dual British-Bangladeshi national.

Now 19 years old, she recently resurfaced at a refugee camp and told reporters that she wanted to come home with her newborn child, Jarrah.

Earlier this week, her father Ahmed Ali, who now lives in Bangladesh, blamed the United Kingdom authorities for failing to prevent Ms Begum fleeing the country on her sister's passport.

In a letter responding to Renu Begum, the Home Office said it was a matter for the Foreign Office and she would have to confirm she was authorised to make a request for consular assistance on her behalf. Officials in Dhaka have said they will not let her become a Bangladeshi national. The family has said it plans to challenge Javid's decision. "He was a British citizen".

Ms Begum was 15 when she and two other schoolgirls went to join the terror group in February 2015, and married Yago Riedijk, now 27, shortly afterwards.

Shamima Begum: 'Unconfirmed reports' baby son dead