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The Simpsons pulls Michael Jackson episode from circulation

08 March 2019

"The Simpsons" episode featuring Michael Jackson's voice has been pulled from circulation following the release of a new documentary on the pop star's sexual abuse allegations.

"It feels clearly the only choice to make", the show's longtime executive producer, James L. Brooks, said of the episode.

Producers of The Simpsons are pulling a popular episode in which Michael Jackson voiced a character who resided with Homer in a mental hospital, reports said Thursday.

Rather than judge or defend Jackson, who in 2005 was cleared of molesting another boy, Feldman wants to use his voice to change the statutes of limitations in America, to make sure more paedophiles are brought to justice.

The film caused an outcry among Michael Jackson fans and critics alike, and has recently prompted the star's daughter Paris Jackson to speak out on Twitter.

Beginning immediately, the episode will be pulled from all platforms, including including streaming services, television broadcasts, and Blu-ray/DVD box sets.

He added: "I'm against book-burning of any kind". Homer lets the faux Michael stay with them and he helps Bart craft a catchy tune for Lisa's birthday.

"We must allow them to speak and therefore, we must consider all sides of this, even as uncomfortable as that might be".

Safechuck, who met Jackson when he was cast in the star's 1986 Pepsi commercial, claims Jackson taught him how to masturbate, while Robson, who met Jackson when he was just 5 years old, says the star performed oral sex on him and kissed him. But the information presented in the documentary "gave evidence of monstrous behaviour" and elicited harsh blow-back by the public.

The top minds behind Fox's animated show say they were swayed by "Leaving Neverland", the controversial documentary that began airing on HBO Sunday and alleges child abuse by the late performer.

"This was a treasured episode", Brooks said.

"As listeners may find the playing of Michael Jackson's music insensitive, RTÉ has no plans to playlist his music at this time".

The Simpsons pulls Michael Jackson episode from circulation