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Main » Samsung’s Galaxy Fold will come to India soon, says CEO DJ Koh

Samsung’s Galaxy Fold will come to India soon, says CEO DJ Koh

09 March 2019

But he noted that while an out-folding design like the Mate X can close fully, the fact that the screens are on the outside makes it prone to user errors (e.g. accidentally calling someone).

Over the few weeks that followed the, more details and images reached social media claiming that the keystore was actually a fully-fledged crypto wallet that supported Bitcoin, Ethereum and maybe even ERC-20 tokens.

Galaxy Fold, a smartphone phone with a flexible screen (Dh7,250), will go on sale in the region in the second quarter of 2019.

Bloomberg reports from sources that the chaebol is working on two concepts at the moment: a folding phone that is meant to be used in a vertical orientation - reminiscent of traditional clamshell feature phones - and a device that can fold almost 360° on its hinge, much like the Mate X from its competitor Huawei. The One UI interface has been praised for its intuitive and smart design. The display will be on the exterior of the smartphone.

As per a recent report from Bloomberg, it has revealed that the Korean giant is working on two fodlable smartphones. Unlike the Galaxy Fold, it folds vertically. Since it has no extra screen, it can be expected to be thinner than the Galaxy Fold. It is likely that foldable phones will get more traction as the prices become more affordable than it now is. This design draws comparisons with the foldable smartphone idea that Motorola intends to release, which looks like a reversed Razr flip phone. This is apparently one of the reasons behind Samsung's reluctance to let reporters play around with the device at its unveiling late last month.

Gartner research director Annette Zimmerman has predicted only 1.5 to 3 per cent growth for smartphones in the next five years. With one of the designs drawing comparisons with Mate X, the pricing of the same can become interesting.

In addition to high-end models, Samsung Taiwan said that sales of is mid-tier models, including the Galaxy A7 and A9 and J-series models, have been brisk in the local market, accounting for 50% of total sales.

Samsung’s Galaxy Fold will come to India soon, says CEO DJ Koh