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Some states making moves to opt out of daylight saving time

10 Марта 2019

Germany was the first to introduce Daylight Saving Time during World War I, WQAD reported.

Other states like New Mexico, Maine, Massachusetts and Florida, are considering proposals to stay on daylight saving time permanently.

We used it again from 1942-45 during World War II. No, seriously. The idea was thrown around and unofficially observed for years, but was officially enacted for the first time during WWI - March 19, 1918 - as a way to conserve coal. The schedule was updated in 2007 when we received an extra four weeks of daylight saving time thanks to the Energy Policy Act of 2005.

Even if one of the bills pass both chambers, however, that's not the final word on ending year-round daylight saving time in Washington.

It's always Daylight Saving Time. They believed having more daylight hours would help conserve energy, which seems like a no brainer.

That morning, most phones and computers will automatically jump an hour forward, and we'll lose an hour of sleep. Some people don't mind the time shift.

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- Two U.S. states: Arizona doesn't for the very practical reason that when summer temperatures soar in the desert, they'd actually prefer it get dark and cool off earlier.

DST is observed in almost all parts of the US except Hawaii and parts of Arizona, according to CNN. The agency also says it prevents traffic injuries - an argument opponents disagree with.

Chu said he became interested in the time change issue when he heard about health risks associated with moving the clocks forward and back. It was also viewed as a way to get more people out doing things (namely spending money) during the week.

States and territories are allowed to individually opt out of observing Daylight Saving Time. That doesn't mean another won't be introduced later. The patchwork of DST rules that varied from town to town and state to state was brought together in the Uniform Time Act of 1966, according to CNN.

Senator Lucido says he won't give up his fight and he wants congress to do its part to make Daylight Savings Time the standard. The change occurs at 2 a.m. local time Sunday across most of the United States, so set your clocks an hour ahead before going to bed Saturday night.

An expert with the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute said daylight savings time can cause driver fatigue and hazardous road conditions as well.

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Some states making moves to opt out of daylight saving time