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When will Facebook, Instagram outage be fixed?

14 March 2019

Some users reported problems accessing Instagram as well, and downdetector.com indicated an outage among some users, mostly concentrated in the northeast.

"We're aware that some people are now having trouble accessing the Facebook family of apps", a Facebook spokesperson told CNET.

Facebook has suffered the most severe outage in its history, with key services rendered unusable for users globally for much of today.

If you can't post a new status on Facebook, it's not you.

Of course, there were the usual jokes on Twitter about the outage, and the hashtag #FacebookDown was the top trending topic on the rival site last night.

Things started breaking earlier this morning, with Facebook notifying users through Twitter that "some people are now having trouble accessing the Facebook family of apps".

A "DDoS" attack refers to a "denial of service" cyber-attack in which an individual or entity would overwhelm servers to block the public from accessing a certain page or network.

The outage, of unknown origin, also affected Facebook-owned Instagram, as well as Messenger, although Instagram later said it was back up. Many people report a similar problem in which they can see their timelines but cannot make posts. Facebook users it seems like in the US, UK and India are certainly facing issues regarding logging into Facebook. However, users across the globe have complained about not being able to access the site.

Facebook did not say what was causing the outages.

On Wednesday morning, around 0800 Pacific Time (1500 UTC), Google said it was "investigating reports of an issue with Gmail" in which some users were seeing error messages, and the webmail platform was running very slowly.

"It has already been reported that there are ongoing federal investigations, including by the Department of Justice", a Facebook spokesman said in response to an AFP inquiry. It's worldwide, but appears to be hitting the USA and Europe particularly hard.

A representative for Facebook told PEOPLE they're still working "to resolve the issue".

When will Facebook, Instagram outage be fixed?