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British lawmakers back Brexit delay - Newspaper

16 March 2019

Mrs May's deal, an attempt to keep close relations with the European Union while leaving the bloc's formal structures, was defeated by 230 votes in parliament on Jan 15 and by 149 votes on March 12.

If not, she'll seek a longer extension, which, she warns, may kill Brexit.

Seven cabinet ministers - Ms Truss, Brexit Secretary Stephen Barclay, International Trade Secretary Liam Fox, International Development Secretary Penny Mordaunt, Commons leader Andrea Leadsom, Transport Secretary Chris Grayling and Defense Secretary Gavin Williamson - voted against the government motion. Speaker of the House John Bercow yesterday drew the House's attention to a passage in Erskine May, the authoritative treatise on British parliamentary practice; which prohibits the same motion from being put forward repeatedly after being rejected by MPs - as the withdrawal agreement has already failed to gain MPs' approval twice, drawing the largest and fourth largest United Kingdom government defeats in modern history, the Erskine May passage could be argued to apply in this case.

The extension will not be actioned until all 27 European Union (EU) countries unanimously agree to it.

This incredible state of affairs has come to pass despite the Prime Minister having repeatedly promised that Article 50 would not be extended and that Brexit would be delivered "on time" - in line with her now long-abandoned mantra that "no deal is better than a bad deal".

Most Conservative MPs voted against delaying Brexit, including 7 cabinet members Mrs. "As a delay was passed by Parliament, I want to see deal agreed ASAP so we can minimize to short, technical, extension". May's decision to offer a free vote on an issue where there are "strong views on all sides of the debate".

For all the attention on the Independent Group of former Labour and Conservative MPs, Theresa May's fragile grip on the Brexit process was nearly - but not quite - removed by a different cross-party alliance this week. But he quit as the party's leader in the days after the referendum.

Speaking to the BBC, East Belfast MP Gavin Robinson said if there was a short delay to implement an agreement endorsement in parliament it would be "pragmatic".

Why did MPs oppose the deal?

An often chaotic set of votes in parliament this week has shown that none of the alternatives - such as leaving with no deal, a referendum or allowing parliament to decide how to leave - can muster a majority among lawmakers yet.

British lawmakers back Brexit delay - Newspaper