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Elon Musk's lawyers: SEC contempt motion "smacks of retaliation and censorship"

16 March 2019

Tomorrow, Tesla will unveil the long-awaited Model Y SUV. The launch of the new vehicle has surprised quite a few, as Musk had been guiding the launch in another 6 months. Expectation on the new model is high as SUVs are now the fastest-growing vehicle segment in the USA and China, Tesla's two largest markets.

Tesla claims this combination of higher peak power with V3, dedicated vehicle power allocation across Supercharger sites and a new feature called On-Route Battery Warmup (the auto will intelligently heat the battery to ensure you arrive at the optimal temperature to charge) will enable customers to charge in half the time-around 15 minutes in most instances.

In early March, Tesla said it would lower the post-delivery price of Autopilot and the upgrade package for existing customers to $2,000 and $3,000, respectively. We don't have hints from Tesla yet but the Model Y will perhaps be the first vehicle to support the V3 Supercharger.

Unfazed by the fact that he's now legally feuding with the SEC for tweets regarding business operations at Tesla, Musk again took to the social media site on Tuesday to explain that Tesla "shouldn't have offered" lower prices on Model S and Model X vehicles.

The renewed public battle between Tesla's chief executive and the SEC adds pressure on Musk, the public face of Tesla, who is struggling to make the company profitable after cutting the price of its Model 3 sedan to $35,000.

In June 2018 Elon Musk had stated that Model Y will be unveiled by March 2019 and then go into production in next two years. (Delays have been a big issue for Tesla, and Musk has in the past lamented being stuck in "production hell.") But that also means you probably shouldn't expect to see the gullwing-style doors on Tesla's other SUV, the Model X, appear on the Model Y.

"I want to be clear", Musk said. Most units sold globally should be built here, but reports assert that Tesla will also build its baby electric SUV at a new Gigafactory in Shanghai, China for the local market. Pro-Tesla blog electrek called the business model changes a "chaotic situation", saying it was "either turning into what feels like an extremely poorly managed, haphazard transition or it is intentionally made that way to push out employees like some are suspecting".

Elon Musk's lawyers: SEC contempt motion