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Fears for Paris Jackson amid reports of hospitalisation

17 March 2019

In response to a question about the documentary, Paris said "there's nothing I can say that hasn't already been said in regards to defense", adding that her cousin Taj is doing a good job of defending her dad.

TMZ also noted that it wasn't the first time Paris has resorted to suicide in order to escape her inner-anguish.

The report also mentioned that Jackson had maintained her father's innocence following the explosive documentary. However, Paris herself has responded to the story with a damning Tweet.

People later reported that a source said Paris, who has been open about her struggles with depression, "had an accident this morning that required medical treatment".

"Leaving Neverland" is about dreams turned to nightmares, featuring twin accounts of Michael Jackson's alleged sexual predation that derive power and credibility from their strikingly similar parallels. She fired off a series of Tweets, as she continues to debunk inaccurate reports regarding her state of mind. She followed it up with another message full of question marks.

Jackson's family has called the documentary and news coverage of the accusations a "public lynching" and said he was "100 percent innocent".

Fans were both relieved to see Paris tweeting about the article and infuriated by the claims, with thousands reacting on social media. Three is not a day that goes by where the young woman is not responding to some false statements about her life or her thoughts.

Actor Paris Jackson late Saturday slammed an global media outlet for falsely reporting that she was "hospitalized after attempted suicide". Someone is not telling the truth is it the website or the king of pop's daughter?

Fears for Paris Jackson amid reports of hospitalisation