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Google continues to improve the security and privacy

13 April 2019

When you search on the play store, you will find several app stores on Google but not the one that secures your privacy and won't steal your data. It is not for sure when Google plans to bring this change. That is the case of the spyware that was first found on the Google Play Store, has after targeted iOS app. Data has been published by the nonprofit Security Without Brothers, about details of the Android version of the malware, at the end of March. So, in future, you may have to open Google Play Store to update the smartphone.

Android's native defense system, called Google Play Protect, scans all apps on a device looking for Potentially Harmful Applications (PHAs). Moreover, these restrictions can relate to country-specific or device specific.

What are Android security updates, and why do they matter?

It is very easy to download the Updown APK on Android devices. The only requirement for using this feature is to have a Nougat 7.0 or later versions of the Android software on your devices. Also, Google had the same program running in its store and after that Apple revoked the certificate used by both Google and Facebook. Phones and tablets running the last two builds, Android 8 Oreo and Android 9 Pie, had PHAs installed on only.19% and.18% of devices, respectively.Every day, Google Play Protect scans 50 billion apps on over 2 billion devices. We have a quick explainer if you're curious how the technology works, but the elevator pitch is that your Android phone communicates with Chrome to verify your identity and the legitimacy of the website you're signing into.

From the various strings, we can guess that Android users might eventually be able to download and install OS updates through the Play Store.

Google has yet to comment on this issue.

For example, you can say to Assistant, "Okay Google, set my Pixel 3 to silent". You'll be prompted to pick your Security Key (your smartphone), and you'll only have to walk through a short prompt to enable this feature for your account. The user could install the app to get in touch with operators.