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Tesla Model 3 lease program opens door to future ride-hailing network

13 April 2019

Going into a Tesla store and buying the Standard Range Model 3 now gets you a "software-limited version of the Standard Plus", according to the company's blog.

As to why Autopilot is now a standard feature, Tesla explains that, "our data strongly indicates that the chance of an accident is much lower when Autopilot is enabled".

While many auto companies offer leasing options on new cars Tesla's model bucks the trend in a very unusual way. The latter was announced alongside the Model 3 Standard Range as a $37,500 vehicle with 240 miles of range compared to the base car's 220-mile range.

On its ordering website, Tesla's default options are for customers to make a US$3,000 down payment and spend a total of US$4,199 at signing of a three-year, 10,000-mile annual lease. Leasing options were also provided for the newest Tesla.

Typically at the end of a leasing period, you would buy the auto outright or trade it for a new model with a similar leasing plan. Last quarter Tesla introduced two versions of the vehicle with slightly different pricing the - Standard and Standard Plus. However, without the model listed on the website, Tesla is keeping customers in the dark about its availability.

Before we know it, the Tesla Model 3 Standard Range will only be available for purchase through Stefon. Customers after the limited standard model will have to call or go into tone of their brick and mortar Tesla stores as the model has now been removed from the online store. The company said this is because "with full autonomy coming in the future", Tesla plans to use returned lease cars for its "Tesla ride-hailing network".

On Twitter, Musk recently confirmed that the objective of the cameras built in above the rear-view mirror of the Model 3 is to record video when owners put their auto on Tesla's future network, which he said would compete with Uber and Lyft. Other features like Tesla's onboard music streaming service, navigation with live traffic visualization and heated seats will also be disabled.

In responding a follower on Twitter encouraged Tesla owners to buy a product that covers up a camera over the rear-view mirror of their cars, Musk, 47, confirmed for the first time that the goal of the camera was to record video when owners put their vehicle on the network.

Tesla Model 3 lease program opens door to future ride-hailing network