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Facebook May Finally Stop Forcing You to Use Its Messenger App

14 April 2019

And the fact is that the access will be done by the messenger icon of the social network giant Facebook itself and it is now present in the upper right corner of the application running on smartphones.

Facebook confirmed the test in a Friday statement to PCMag.

At the very least, Facebook testing this feature out gives us a peek into how Zuck's mind has changed with regard to messaging and Facebook's "family of apps" overall.

This does have some advantages, like the ability to use Messenger without using Facebook.

While the change may be welcomed by some, app researcher Jane Manchun Wong says the "Chats" extension does not now contain all of the features present on Messenger.

BACK IN 2014, Facebook decided it wanted to take up more of your precious phone space by taking up two apps rather than one.

As you can see in the screenshots Wong posted, users will be able to tap the existing Messenger button in the Facebook app and be taken to their messages directly in the app instead of that button working as it does now, which launches the individual Facebook Messenger app instead. It's totally possible Facebook will start small and then eventually bring over all the functions of Messenger, but we don't know yet. Zuckerberg is planning to merge Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram into a single messaging service by 2020.

For now, there is no timeframe for the merger so well have to wait for Facebooks comments but either way, dont expect the standalone WhatsApp and Messenger apps to go anywhere soon.

As part of that mission, it looks like Messenger will be coming back to the main Facebook app. At this time reactions, calls, videos, and photos are not supported.

Facebook May Finally Stop Forcing You to Use Its Messenger App