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Messenger could be returning to the Facebook app

14 April 2019

The unreleased feature of the original Facebook app has been discovered by this user.

(Web Desk) - Jane Manchun Wong, researcher for reverse engineering popular social media apps, tweeted a screenshot which hinted at the re-integration of "Messenger" in Facebook primary app.

Would you be happy to see Messenger brought back to the main Facebook app? "We do not have any additional details to share at this time".

Messenger was first released back in 2011 as a standalone app and after three years facebook removed its functionality from its eponymous app.

In the test version Wong has spotted, the Messenger button appears in the top right, and instead of taking you to Messenger, the app, it opens a section called "Chats" inside the Facebook app.

In the beginning of this year reports claimed that Facebook is planning to merge its messaging services, essentially allowing users to communicate seamlessly between WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger.

The only reason Facebook is implementing the Chat function to the native Facebook app is to provide users a new platform to connect with their friends.

It means Instagram users can people on WhatsApp and vice versa. But according to Jane, Facebook's Messenger app will unlikely to vanish as it serves a different market. The move seems to be part of the company's plans to unify all Facebook-owned messaging services. They will no longer have to install a new app altogether to read their messages. And, given all the bad press following Facebook's seemingly never-ending series of scandals, lumping all these apps together might be a ploy at keeping users locked in and engaged.

Either way, it's an interesting consideration - there's no word on any official roll out as yet, and we'll keep you updated on any changes.