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You Can Now Play Apple Podcasts Online In Web Browser

14 April 2019

9to5Mac today confirmed the rumor, sharing further details about Apple's plans.

Apple might finally answer our prayers by killing iTunes.

Apple released iTunes in 2001; it allowed people to organize their music collections digitally and add new music to iPods before music-streaming services and Wi-Fi syncing were ubiquitous (and when ripping and burning CDs was still a thing). The refresh means that Mac users can now stream episodes directly from the website, instead of being redirected through iTunes.

Playback controls on Apple Podcast pages are extremely limited - the only option is to press a play button next to each episode; there are no other control options, like fast forward or rewind.

Apple is reportedly working on bringing standalone applications for Apple Music, Apple TV, Podcasts, and Books to the Mac this year.

iTunes as we know it could be on the way out.

If true, the move would mirror the situation on iOS platforms, where Music, Podcasts and TV are already separate apps.

My biggest issue with the iTunes store though is needing to use Apple's annoying iTunes software that seems to serve little objective other than try and force me to use it and get me to sync with other Apple devices I don't own. Truthfully, accessing Podcasts from iTunes feels incredibly outdated. It would make a lot of sense to split it up, given that iTunes has become increasingly bloated since it launched in 2001. Podcasts app would, naturally, be all about podcasts. As always, if you have any thoughts, feel free to sound them off in the comments section below!

You Can Now Play Apple Podcasts Online In Web Browser