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Nigel Farage's Brexit party set for Shoreham Airport rally

15 April 2019

Britain's ruling Conservative Party can not let itself be defined exclusively by Brexit, Prime Minister Theresa May's de facto deputy said on Sunday, as polling showed failure to leave the European Union on schedule has badly damaged its support.

"What the prime minister has to do now is aim everything towards departure before the euros (European elections) which would then allow her to step away having done what she said she would do - get the United Kingdom out of the European Union one way or the other", he told Sky News.

The "poll of polls" by Electoral Calculus, based on surveys of 8,561 people between April 2 and 11, found that in the event of an immediate general election Labour would become the largest party with 296 seats against 259 for the Tories - a net loss of 59 MPs for Mrs May's party.

Meanwhile, an analysis of various polls by the Sunday Telegraph showed that the Tories would lose almost 60 seats in a potential snap election that could come over May's failure to deliver on Brexit.

The message from Richard Corbett, who leads Labour's 20 members of the European Parliament, came amid growing fears at the top of the party that it could lose a generation of young, pro-EU voters if it does not guarantee another public vote.

It would win 296 seats of the 650 parliamentary seats, against 259 for the Conservatives.

Less than a fortnight after the vote, which saw Britons choose to leave the bloc by a slim majority, Farage resigned as UKIP leader, saying he had "done his bit" to get the United Kingdom out of the EU.

A poll by Opinium covered in the Observer said that support for Tories had fallen to 29 percent, down six percentage points compared to a fortnight ago.

This comes after former Prime Minister Gordon Brown announced he was joining JLM as an affiliate member in a stirring video released earlier this month.

"What we have agreed is a programme of meetings next week on particular subjects with the ministers and shadow ministers concerned getting together", he told the BBC.

The Conservative government and Labour are continuing talks over the coming week to test each other's ideas in a bid to break the Brexit deadlock.

They would discuss environmental standards and workers' rights after Brexit as well as the future security relationship with the EU.

"She's younger than I am but I am very influenced by her, therefore it's odd that we should be in different parties, to some extent uncomfortable for us both", he said.

Nigel Farage's Brexit party set for Shoreham Airport rally