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There’s a BJP wave, says PM Modi

15 April 2019

Modi also challenged the "two families" who have "ruled" the state for three generations and said that he would not allow them to divide the country. "They can bring their entire clan to the field, can abuse Modi as much as they want but they will not be able to divide this nation", Modi said.

The former Union Minister also charged Modi with adopting a "Hitler-kind of attitude", stoking an "atmosphere of hatred in the country and thereby destroying all institutions". He slammed the "Abdullah family" and said that he was not scared or intimidated.

In a series of two tweets, Mehbooba Mufti called out the BJP and said that first they would call them traitors and at the second moment, they would be forging an alliance.

Launching an attack on the BJP, Mufti said leaders of the party "are suffering from the disease of fear".

Modi said that the Congress had "never trusted" the Indian Armed Forces, referring to the Opposition's questions regarding the 2016 surgical strikes and the IAF strikes in Balakot.

"What used to happen earlier was terrorists would come from Pakistan, attack us and the Congress government would only lament before the world that we have been attacked".

Modi renewed his warning to Pakistan that "his new India" is capable of "eliminating terrorists in their homes".

"Pakistan and its supporters have been threatening us for long with its nuclear capability but the IAF called its bluff with its strikes", The Economic Times India quoted him as saying. "All the equipment for our Armed Forces will be built in India", Modi added. "For the Congress, the Army is only a way of earning money", he added. PM Modi asked in Aligarh.

"They [Samajwadi Party-Bahujan Samaj Party] have fielded such candidates in this election who have reservation over Vande Matram".

"Some people are so involved in anti-Modi tirade that they have forgotten the security of the country", he said.

The Prime Minister also hit out at Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh for skipping Saturday's event to pay respect to martyrs of the Jallianwala Bagh massacre. He alleged the central government had deliberately chosen to hold a "parallel event" instead of supporting the initiatives and programmes of the state government.

"'We have to rid J&K of these two political families,' says Modiji in 2014 & then promptly goes & makes not one but TWO members of the Mufti family CM of J&K". "The Congress and its allies keep politics above the security of the country".

There’s a BJP wave, says PM Modi