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Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker’s Ending Was Changed During Filming

16 April 2019

It's been four years since the last LEGO Star Wars game, an adaptation of The Force Awakens, and it looks like we'll be getting another one soon - which may be developer TT Games' most ambitious LEGO game yet. You also hear Luke, who perished in the last film, telling her "it's your fight now". Thousands of Star Wars fans gathered at McCormick Place in the Windy City to fearless the wind one day and the snow another (we're going to call that "Hoth Appreciation Day").

Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy also spoke to "GMA" and called "The Rise of Skywalker" the "epitome of good versus evil".

Johnson helmed The Last Jedi, in 2017, and he was quickly signed to develop a new trilogy.

After spending the past few months being nothing more than an extremely awkward E3 tease, EA have finally revealed Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order to the world.

"There's a lot of conflict in this movie, but I think where it goes and the resolution is very hopeful", she added.

Weeks of hints, poster reveals and leaks preceded it, but Fallen Order's first trailer was unveiled at the Star Wars Celebration in Chicago. No new Star Wars movies are now in production, and none are even in the preparation stages.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is out this November. "McDiarmid said: "'Is he.?' And before I could even finish the sentence, [Lucas replied] 'Dead, yes.' 'Well, couldn't he perhaps.' 'No. It was rumoured (and I strongly believe this rumour holds a lot of weight) that Benioff and Weiss are working on a Lord of the Rings-esque Star Wars trilogy set in the Old Republic.

"[It's] odd! I have to be candid with you", she told Eurogamer correspondent Edwin Evans-Thirlwell, "I mean, it's coming from the EA Star Wars Twitter handle, so it's certainly part of the plan, but I don't know whether it's implicitly referencing previous comments they made after our project was killed?" "I think this is a huge opportunity to step into the galaxy in a little bit different part of the timeline".

Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker’s Ending Was Changed During Filming