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Forza Street is coming to Android later this year

17 April 2019

Forza Street takes players to the streets of Miami where they can enter the ultimate street racing scene to win the auto collection of their dreams. Up until now, those games were available to play only on PC and Xbox platforms.

Miami Street, a free-to-play racing game available on the Windows 10 Microsoft Store has been quietly rebranded to Forza Street. The game will also be coming to iOS and Android at a later date this year. And while the free-to-play approach is something new in the Forza game series, the product in itself isn't entirely new.

Unfortunately, Forza Street is strictly a single player experience for Windows 10, but Microsoft says they plan to add new features to the game in the months ahead. Apex, Forza Street is the second spin-off title in the long running franchise playable for free. Controls focus on timing and players will need to make sure they hit their accelerator and brake pedals at just the right time.

According to Microsoft in Forza Street, players "can collect and assemble a legendary lineup of cars to compete in intense, cinematic races". Forza Street was leaked in March and now it's been officially announced and simultaneously released on PC.

The Forza Street's Microsoft Store listing notes that users will be able to take part in quick Street Showdowns, upgrade their rides, and get an "endless story" with new content via updates.

Forza Street is coming to Android later this year