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President Trump promotes tax cuts, eyes 2020 in Burnsville visit

17 April 2019

Boos rose from the audience after Trump said "Today is tax day that we're celebrating".

The visit to Minnesota - a potential swing state in the 2020 election - is part of a week of events created to promote the tax law's effects on the economy as he turns to his re-election campaign.

"We lowered income tax rates across the board", Trump said. Eastern Time. The president gave a thumbs up through a auto window as he arrived. For middle America, the tax cut return/boost has been barely noticeable in their paychecks. Forget about four years ago, under the Trump tax system, are you better off than you were a year ago? The Second District is represented by U.S. Rep. Angie Craig, a Democrat who defeated Republican incumbent Jason Lewis in November.

Press secretary Sarah Sanders wants you to keep in mind that the multi-millionaires, accountants and business men and women in Congress are too dumb to understand Trump's tax returns. In fact, no Republican presidential candidate has won Minnesota since Nixon. Yet recent polls show the public isn't so sure.

Filing jointly, Klobuchar and her husband, attorney and professor John Bessler, found themselves in a lower tax bracket in 2018, but ultimately paid more in total taxes, as their combined income increased. "It's very simple", Trump told reporters last week, and also argued the matter has already been litigated through the 2016 election. He claimed that 80 percent of Americans received a tax break this year, whether they noticed or not. "My guess is majority don't do their own taxes, and I certainly don't trust them to look through the decades of success that the President has and determine anything", Sanders told Chris Wallace on "Fox News Sunday".

The U.S. budget shortfall grew by 17% to $779 billion in fiscal year 2018, which the Congressional Budget Office has said was partly a outcome of the tax law.

Further muddling the picture was the federal deduction for state and local taxes being capped at $10,000, which has mattered in high-tax states such as Minnesota, California and NY, among others.

The president's personal lawyers sent a new letter to Treasury Department on Monday to make the case that the IRS should not hand over the president's tax return information, saying the request is unconstitutional.

Trump flew to Minnesota on Monday to highlight the $1.5 trillion package of corporate and individual tax cuts he signed into law in 2017.

Now that Trump's been told that his suggested use of water tankers would have collapsed Notre Dame Cathedral, he may instead have them fly over the Capitol when the House and Ways Committee is in session.

President Trump promotes tax cuts, eyes 2020 in Burnsville visit