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Lane intensifying, still a tropical storm


As of Thursday morning, Subtropical Storm Ernesto was still well east of Nova Scotia, producing some bands of showers and storms around its center. As for Sunday, it's shaping up to be a humid day with temperatures in the high teens or low twenties. Read More »

Best images from this year's Perseid meteor shower


The peak of the Perseid meteor show happens Sunday, Aug. 12, the U.S. National Weather Service said. The Perseids is a prolific shower of fiery space particles that has streaked over our planet annually for generations as Earth encounters debris falling off the Swift-Tuttle comet, which was first discovered back in 1862. Read More »

India to send manned mission to space by 2022: Modi


Sivan further added that a team of scientists have already been designated to do the job and several technologies like crew module and escape systems have already been developed. He said the first unmanned flight as part of a manned space mission will happen two years from now. Asserting that the expense of the project would not be much as most of the technologies have already been developed, the ISRO chairman estimated that it would cost less than Rs 10,000 crore and the spacecraft module ... Read More »

Subtropical Storm Ernesto forms, poses no threat to US


Tropical storm-force winds of 39 mph or more extend up to 35 miles from Lane's center, according to the National Hurricane Center in Miami, which monitors East Pacific storms. And even though the forecast calls for it to fizzle, it's interesting nonetheless. Continuity prevents a higher forecast, but Lane seems destined to eventually become a category-4 hurricane like Hector. Read More »

NASA Going for the Sun with Fastest Spacecraft in History


A Reuters report said the spacecraft, which is about the size of a small vehicle - it weighs a mere 1,400 pounds - is set to fly into the Sun's corona within 3.8 million miles (6.1 million km) of the solar surface, seven times closer than any other spacecraft. Read More »

Modi announces space mission, health scheme as election nears


PM Modi also used the occassion to thank honest tax payers of the country. Healthcare scheme: PM Modi informed that the Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Abhiyaan (also known as Ayushman Bharat) will be launched on 25th September 2018. Alleging that the previous governments had allowed a climate of corruption to thrive, the Prime Minister said his government had eliminated power brokers from Delhi and plugged loopholes in various schemes like Public Distribution System that had led to savings of ... Read More »

Gov. Scott Issues Emergency Order for Red Tide


The state's tourism-marketing agency, VISIT Florida, also is getting $500,000 to administer an emergency grant program to help small businesses in local communities that depend at least in some part on business from visitors. The state's Department of Health issues beach warnings to impacted areas. Part of the reason why red tide is so prominent this season is because there are some leftover blooms from previous year, Bob Weisberg, a professor of physical oceanography at the University of ... Read More »

NASA's Parker Solar Probe lifts off | Reuters | NASA soalr probe | probe Parker


Parker Solar Probe is humanity's first-ever mission into a part of the Sun's atmosphere called the corona . A last-minute technical problem delayed NASA's unprecedented flight to the sun. "We always say that luck has absolutely nothing to do with this business, but I will take all that I can get", ULA Chief Executive Officer Tory Bruno said in an interview Friday. Read More »

Sark preparing to see meteor shower


The peak and most optimum time to see the show will be early on Monday morning. This Perseid meteor shower is the result of Earth travelling through the gritty debris of Commet Swift-Tuttle that passed by Earth in 1992. No special equipment is needed, and you can look anywhere in the sky! The so-called Perseids meteor shower returns to the skies every August, and are best viewed in the northern hemisphere in isolated areas where there is little light pollution. Read More »

Australian teacher finds prehistoric shark teeth


The about 3-inch teeth belonged to one of the most significant predators that ever lived in the world's oceans, the Great Jagged Narrow-Toothed shark. Sharks have the ability to regrow teeth, and can lose up to a tooth a day. At the same time, ancient teeth are seldom preserved, because the cartilage in their make-up doesn't fossilize easily. Read More »

NASA launches probe to go deep into Sun's scorching atmosphere


Scientists aim to learn more about the mechanisms that power the solar wind of charged particles the sun sends into the solar system, creating aurorae on Earth and sometimes screwing with our tech. A key question that the probe seeks to answer is how solar wind is accelerated, and for the first time it will be able to look for answers at the source of solar wind itself. Read More »

Parker Solar Probe launch delayed until Sunday


The Parker Solar Probe will fly to the sun to collect data from inside the solar atmosphere. It is protected by an ultra-powerful heat shield that can endure unprecedented levels of heat, and radiation 500 times that experienced on Earth. Read More »

Look to the Skies This Weekend for a Colorado Meteor Shower

Speaking to, Bill Cooke, a meteor expert at NASA, said: "The moon is very favourable for the Perseids this year, and that'll make the Perseids probably the best shower of 2018 for people who want to go out and view it". You don't need any equipment to view the shower, it is best watched unobstructed by telescopes or binoculars. For better viewing experience, NASA recommends looking towards the sky from dark areas like suburbs or the countryside. Read More »

Hurricane Hector is coming to Hawaii


Hurricane-force winds extend outward up to 35 miles from the storm's center and tropical-storm-force winds extend outward up to 90 miles. The Central Pacific Hurricane Center has cancelled its tropical storm warning for Hawaii's Big Island as Hurricane Hector weakens to a category 3. Read More »

Last solar eclipse of 2018 to occur today


The first solar eclipse of 2018 happened in the beginning of the year on February 15 while the second solar eclipse occurred on July 13. The eclipse will start on August 11 around 10am CEST. Many people belive that this hour of Solar eclipse should be utilized to medidate. A partial solar eclipse is visible over a statue. Special glasses to look at the partial solar eclipse . Read More »

Look up: Perseid meteor shower peaks this weekend


This is the time period where the Earth passes through the Swift-Tuttle comet's debris field. He said the meteor activity has been ongoing for more than two weeks and will continue for about another week. It won't be closer until 2035. Scientists from NASA also said that camping out in the country can triple the amount of visible meteors. However, sometimes the planet Jupiter affects what can be seen on Earth. Read More »

Nasa space probe will aim to ‘touch’ sun


When the Parker Solar Probe blasts off from Cape Canaveral, Florida on August 11, it will become the first spacecraft ever to fly through the Sun's scorching atmosphere, known as the corona. The project was proposed in 1958 to a brand-new NASA, and "60 years later, and it's becoming a reality", said project manager Andy Driesman, also of Johns Hopkins, which designed and built the spacecraft. Read More »

What you need to know about NASA's mission to touch the sun


While we don't have technology that would survive the sun's surface heat of 2 to 3 million degrees Fahrenheit, the Parker probe has heat shields that will protect it from the temperatures it will face, about 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit. This is a phenomenon that has baffled NASA scientists because the sun's atmosphere "gets much, much hotter the farther it stretches from the sun's blazing surface". Read More »

NSW drought: Berejiklian open to asking army to help farmers


Less than 10 millimeters of rain fell in the state in July, the fifth-driest on record, putting further pressure on dwindling food supplies for cattle that can no longer graze on parched land. It includes two lump sum payments worth up to A$12,000 per household, and changes to an assets test to grant support to thousands more farmers. Droughts can last for a few month or even years. Read More »

Indonesia natural disaster: Third strong quake hits tourist island of Lombok


The numbers have increased as reports came in from areas isolated by the 6.9 magnitude quake, which struck off the waters of the northern part of Lombok island. Some villages had "completely collapsed", said a Red Cross official in Lombok, Christopher Rassi. Tens of thousands of homes , businesses and mosques were levelled by the quake, which struck on Sunday as evening prayers were being said across the Muslim-majority island. Read More »

Perseid Meteor Shower To Put On Brilliant Show This Weekend

What's more, the illuminating display is one of year's brightest, too. The Perseid meteor shower will burst into light throughout the month of August - but it's predicted to be at its best this weekend , according to NASA . provides tables indicating when the showers are active and even gives some nice tips on how to best watch the performance. One key tip is to try to get away from city lights . Read More »

World at risk of heading towards irreversible 'hothouse' state


Professor Steffen said countries needed to work together to "greatly accelerate the transition towards an emission-free world economy". It is very important to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases "warm up" the Earth. The planet urgently needs to transition to a green economy because fossil fuel pollution risks pushing the Earth into a lasting and unsafe "hothouse" state, researchers warned on Monday. Read More »

The Perseid meteor shower is underway


As a comet passes closer to the sun, its ice warms and begins to release particles of dust and rock into the atmosphere, which can result in a glowing trail of vapor. "This year we'll be lucky the moon won't be shining most of the night, it will be a very thin crescent so it should be quite dark". This usually takes about 15 to 20 minutes - so get comfortable. Read More »

Perseid meteor shower: how to see shooting stars this weekend

The meteors we see in August are fragments left by the comet Swift-Tuttle. So how do you see it? And this coming weekend, another cosmic wonder will be lighting up the sky: hundreds of meteors during the annual Perseid meteor shower . During the maximum, or peak, Sunday night and early Monday morning, it could be possible to catch as many as 110 meteors in an hour, or almost two per minute on average. Read More »

Grieving orca still swimming with her dead calf off Washington coast


The four-year-old female killer whale, known as J50, is emaciated and lethargic, and scientists fear she has only days to live. "I am sobbing. I can't believe she is still carrying her calf around". "It was foggy up there for most of the day", Cottrell said. The Southern Residents were listed as endangered in 2005 under the Endangered Species Act. Read More »

NASA to launch solar probe that will study the sun's atmosphere


The sun's corona is full of mysteries. In less than a week, the Parker Solar Probe will soar to the skies and embark on its historic journey to the sun. At such extreme speeds, even a tiny speck of dust can do damage. In order to reach the sun, the probe must leave Earth at a high velocity. The probe is created to study the sun's atmosphere at small scales, particle by particle. Read More »

Perseid, The Most Popular Summer Meteor Shower, Peaks This Weekend


In 2016, it was an outburst year, which means the rate can be between 150-200 meteors an hour. The moon will be at a crescent, which means more darkness to see more meteors. The Perseids radiate from the constellation Perseus in the eastern horizon and is associated with the debris of comet Swift-Tuttle which last passed by Earth in 1992. Read More »

Heat warning issued for Bradford and area


Heat warnings have been issued for parts of Alberta and British Columbia, bringing the total number in effect across Canada to 110. Overnight minimum temperatures will only fall to near 20°C, providing little relief from the heat. The city of Montreal has announced that some of its outdoor aquatic facilities, including splash parks, will have extended opening hours. It was issued on Friday, and is expected to last until a cold front moves in on Tuesday. Read More »

Astronomers find rogue planet dozen times more massive than Jupiter


Astronomers say the rogue planet is located 20 light-years from Earth and is about 200 million years old - which, in the grand scheme of things, is considered young for a planet. It's so big that it can barely be classified a planet - it's nearly a failed star. The mysterious auroras of the planet, or rather their radio signature, is what allowed the scientists to identify the planet, but for now it is still not known how these auroras are formed. Read More »

Hurricane Hector set to pass south of Hawaii


High rainfall from deep tropical moisture surrounding Hector is predicted to affect the Puna and Kau districts of the Big Island as the hurricane passes by south of the state. So far this season we have had Subtropical Storm Alberto, which formed in May, as well as Hurricane Beryl and Hurricane Chris. The U.S. National Hurricane Center in Miami said the hurricane poses no short-term threat to land. Read More »

Rain showers and storms on the way to West Michigan


After some areas of morning fog, some heat and humidity return for Wednesday with highs in the mid-80s. A few isolated showers and storms are possible after midnight. Highs in the upper 80s. TONIGHT| Mainly cloudy with scattered rain and storms. A low pressure center will get cutoff from the larger flow just to our southwest. Read More »

Hurricane Hector is headed toward Hawaii, where a volcano is erupting


Forecasters say it is still too soon to say whether Hurricane Hector will touch down in Hawaii since the storm is still fluctuating and will likely weaken by Wednesday. "Hector is our first hurricane this year", said Tom Travis, administrator of Hawaii Emergency Management Agency in a statement to the Honolulu Star Advertiser . Read More »

SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launched from Cape Canaveral


It will now attempt to land on the Of Course I Still Love You barge - if successful, the company will most likely be planning for its third launch. SpaceX aims to eventually launch a Falcon 9 rocket, recover the booster, and re-launch it within 24 hours. Read More »

NASA Announces Crews for Private 'Space Taxi' Project


Boeing and SpaceX were awarded contracts in 2014 worth a combined $6.8 billion to build the vehicles, which would enable the use its own transportation systems - something it hasn't done since the space shuttle was retired in 2011. Boeing's second Starliner launch and first bona-fide NASA mission will send astronauts John Cassada and Suni Williams to the ISS. Victor Glover: Glover was selected as an astronaut in 2013 after a career in the Navy as a test pilot. Read More »

Mysterious very big rogue planet spotted lurking outside our solar system


Artist's conception of SIMP01365, an object with 12.7 times the mass of Jupiter , but a magnetic field 200 times more powerful than Jupiter's. Observations from the VLA provided both the first radio detection and the first measurement of the magnetic field of a possible planetary mass object beyond our Solar System. Read More »

National Weather Service issues red tide warning for SWFL beaches; Collier included


Florida's southwest waterways are now under assault by two different combatants: A red tide bloom from the Gulf of Mexico and a separate toxic algae bloom, which many believe is linked to discharge from Lake Okeechobee. FWC arrived and is helping to transport the manatee to SeaWorld in Orlando, where it will be treated and monitored until it can be released back into the wild. Read More »

These Astronauts Will Fly SpaceX, Boeing Spacecraft to the ISS


Some, however, deem that target ambitious. "What an exciting and awesome day", Jim Bridenstine , NASA's administrator, said at the announcement at NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston . It will be Glover's first mission. After announcing the crews, Bridenstine engaged in a largely lighthearted question-and-answer session with the selected astronauts, who expressed their delight in being selected and anticipation in flying on these next-generation vehicles. Read More »

Sunita Williams among 9 astronauts relaunching US space travel

He was selected by NASA in 2009, and spent 166 days aboard the International Space Station during a mission that launched on a Russian rocket in 2013. "But looks like it might". "Oh, it better, " Bridenstine chimed in. Georgia Tech graduate Eric Boe is going back to space. ABOVE, via NASA: "The astronauts are, from left to right: Sunita Williams , Josh Cassada , Eric Boe , Nicole Mann , Christopher Ferguson , Douglas Hurley , Robert Behnken , Michael Hopkins and Victor Glover ". Read More »

NASA Taps 9 Astronauts For First Crewed Boeing, SpaceX Test Flights

Here's what we know about the first-ever astronauts to take part in a new space race . "Today's announcement advances our great American vision and strengthens the nation's leadership in space". NASA's partners on the International Space Station program - the Russian space agency Roscosmos, the European Space Agency, the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, and the Canadian Space Agency - are expected to assign members of their own astronaut corps to the CST-100 and Crew Dragon crew rotation ... Read More »

Aussie supermarket backflips over plastic bags


Well it seems not after supermarket giant Coles backflipped on their promise to ban the plastic bag and announced it will offer reusable plastic bags for free indefinitely. Also whilst we're here, can we talk about how stupid and useless that new Coles "mini-collectables" campaign is. "I'm calling this for what it is: high farce", he wrote. Read More »

Humans Have Already Depleted Earth’s Resources For The Year

Every year, The Global Footprint Network (GFN) calculates how much of the Earth's resources humans use, from water to air, and the day each year when humans overshoots the planet's ability to annually regenerate itself. Climate change, wildfires, untimely and unnatural rain fall, excessive heat, drought and floods are all the results of the over usage of natural resources. Read More »

NASA to announce new astronaut class on Friday

Additional crew members will be assigned by NASA's global partners in the space station at a later date, the agency said. In 2014, SpaceX and Boeing received contracts for $2.6 billion and $4.2 billion, respectively, to develop so-called space taxis that can ferry astronauts to and from the space station. Read More »

Mars is the closest it has been to Earth in 15 years


Skywatchers flocked to astronomical observatories and science museums across Japan on July 31 as Mars made its closest approach to Earth in 15 years. "It won't be this close again until the year 2050, and it will appear bigger and brighter than usual because it's closer to earth", Culbertson said. Add a telescope and you can see a detailed view of the planet's surface and its polar caps. Read More »

Crewmembers For Boeing, SpaceX First Test Flights To Be Named Friday


NASA's Commercial Crew Program is working with the American aerospace industry as companies develop and operate a new generation of spacecraft and launch systems created to carry crews safely to and from low-Earth orbit. After a month from the engine test issues, Boeing will have to delay the first two major test flights to the ISS of their future passenger spacecraft - The CST-100 Starliner. Read More »

Trump's EPA proposes rollback of Obama emission standards


Arnold Schwarzenegger says President Donald Trump is "out of his mind" for terminating Obama-era fuel emission standards while denying his home state of California the legal right to impose its own regulations. The argument may prove a tough sell in court, where attorneys for states and environmental groups will come armed with a wealth of data undermining it. Read More »

Turkey's annual natural resource consumption higher than average

As a result of this overuse, fisheries are collapsing, freshwater is scarce, soils are being eroded and wildlife is vanishing, while the buildup of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is leading to climate change, more severe droughts, wildfires and hurricanes, the researchers said. Read More »