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Mars shocker: Liquid water lake found on the Red Planet


Now, scientists have found evidence of a lake of liquid water under the planet's south polar ice cap. Planetary scientists have been embarked on a quest to find liquid water on the red planet , because life as we know it can not survive without water to act as a solvent in its biochemistry. Read More »

Mars to be very close to Earth on July 27


By mid-August, the planet will become fainter as Mars and Earth travel farther away from each other in their orbits around the sun. The red planet comes close enough for viewing only once or twice every 15 or 17 years. "Even with bright moonlight, you can't miss Mars", Samuhel said. If the storm doesn't break, skywatchers may only see a big orange disk, according to Mike Lynch, an amateur astronomer and professional meteorologist writing for in Minneapolis. Read More »

Red planet and 'blood moon' pair up to dazzle skygazers


The long duration of this eclipse is partly due to the fact that the moon will make a near-central passage through Earth's umbra - the darkest, most central part of the shadow. In the West, the UK, France, Spain, Ghana and Algeria will not see the eclipsed Moon until moonrise. The moon will finally escape Earth's shadow at about 12.20am on Saturday. Read More »

Blood Moon 2018 Date


The Book of Revelations also contains a similar passage which reads: 'And I beheld when he had opened the sixth seal, and, lo, there was a great quake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became as blood'. July 27, 2018 the inhabitants of the Earth will record the time to observe a lunar Eclipse , during which the satellite will acquire a dark shade of red. Read More »

Heavy rain in NYC may bring street flooding


Meteorologist Mike Thomas says heavier showers with some thunderstorms are pushing their way northwestward out of southern Maryland. Because this is a fluid situation - no pun intended - that watch could be expanded to the Piedmont and Foothills over time if the heavy rain concentration moves westward with an expected wobble of the upper-level low. Read More »

United Kingdom recycling system 'open to fraud and error', watchdog warns


Britain does not have the requisite infrastructure to recycle its own plastic waste, so it is sent overseas. They require companies that handle over 50 tonnes of packaging per year and have a turnover higher than £2m to demonstrate that they have recycled a certain amount of packaging by obtaining recovery evidence notes from accredited United Kingdom reprocessors and companies exporting waste for recycling overseas. Read More »

Scientists find first persistent water source on Mars

Liquid water is an essential requirement for life as we understand it. Italian researchers have detected the existence of liquid water on Mars , raising hopes that life will be eventually found on the Red Planet. Together with the pressure of the overlying ice, this would lower the melting point, allowing the lake to remain liquid as happens on Earth. They obtained 29 sets of radar samplings, mapping out an area exhibiting a very sharp change in its associated radar signal, about 1.5 km ... Read More »

GET READY: Dundee to experience longest lunar eclipse of the century


Lunar eclipses typically occur only during a full moon, however on this instance the moon will be in ideal alignment with the sun and earth, also known as the blood moon . Some say the lunar eclipse is the end of the world Doomsday preachers have been suggesting that the blood moon heralds the end of the world, as biblical passages talk about the moon turning the colour of blood prior to the apocalypse. Read More »

Liquid water lake found on Mars


The lake likely stays liquid due to salts from Martian rocks dissolving into the water, coupled with the pressure of the ice above. The radar results were similar to those for lakes of liquid water found under the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets on Earth, researchers said. Read More »

'Game Changer': Scientists Say Liquid Water Found on Mars

This particular lake, however, would not be drinkable, and lies nearly a mile deep (1.5 kilometers) beneath the icy surface in a harsh and frigid environment. The footprints are color-coded corresponding to the "power" of the radar signal reflected from features below the surface . But there hasn't been evidence of stable bodies of water until now, the researchers said. Read More »

Mars making closest approach to Earth in 15 years


When a close approach happens, a rumour often flies around that Mars will look as big as the Moon in the night sky, but this isn't true! Anyone noticing a particularly red star in the sky recently has more than likely been looking at Mars. Read More »

Researchers spot what looks like a standing ‘lake’ of water on Mars

The body of water is about 20 kilometres across and, if confirmed , would be the first evidence of permanent water on the Red Planet. He noted that a higher-frequency radar instrument made by the Italian space agency, SHARAD, on board the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter launched in 2005, has been unable to detect subsurface water. Read More »

Water on Mars: Scientists discover 12 MILE liquid lake on Red Planet

Previous studies found possible signs that water could have flowed there at one particular time. Stofan says the water in the Martian underground lake is probably salty, otherwise if would freeze solid, even deep in the ground. The detection was made using data collected between May 2012 and December 2015 by an instrument aboard the European Space Agency's Mars Express spacecraft that transmits radar pulses, which penetrate the Martian surface and ice caps. Read More »

NASA set to go Near the Sun with the Parker Solar Probe


Our Sun is far more complex than meets the eye. Surrounding it is two panels of superheated carbon-carbon composite. The probe is expected to go seven times closer to the sun to navigate its atmosphere. Through the probe, scientists intend to unravel the secret behind the sun's constant outflow of material that seems to be accelerating solar winds. Read More »

Trump proposal would end California's tougher auto emission standards


The proposal is still in the final stages of a broad interagency review led by President Donald Trump's Office of Management and Budget, but these major elements of the plan were not expected to change, the people said. The effort will include EPA proposing to revoke the Clean Air Act waiver granted to California, which has allowed the state to regulate vehicle carbon emissions and force manufacturers to sell electric vehicles within the state in higher numbers. Read More »

Life may have existed on the Moon four billion years ago


The Moon was a very different place then, and rather than desolate, dusty expanses of nothingness we see today, the sphere was actually bustling with geological activity. During those periods, there might have been pools of liquid water on the surface - where life could have thrived. Schulze-Makuch and Crawford do not make the claim that life did exist on the Moon, but say if it did, it may have started in a similar way to how it happened on Earth. Read More »

SpaceX Falcon 9 deploys Telstar 19V satellite to orbit


The American aerospace company successfully launched the new Falcon 9 rocket , called "Block 5", at 10:50 p.m. The landing is significant not only because it's the first in quite some time for the startup, but also because it's one of the very first launches or landings of the newest Falcon 9 rockets, the Block 5. Read More »

Parker Solar Probe--Mission Overview


Since space is mostly empty, there are not very many particles that can exchange energy to the shuttle. Holding your hand in a hot oven is easier than sticking your hand in a pot of boiling water. We had to make a heat shield, and we love it. To protect against radiation and heat from the sun, the probe will need a technological boost. To create a test-worthy level of heat, the researchers used a particle accelerator and IMAX projectors - jury-rigged to increase their temperature. Read More »

The Countdown To 21st Century's Longest Total Lunar Eclipse Has Begun!


During a total lunar eclipse , the moon passes through the Earth's shadow. Lunar eclipses also only take place when the moon is full. The total lunar eclipse is given the "blood" nickname because of the "beautiful" red color caused by the projection of all of the Earth's sunrises and sunsets onto its surface, Petro told ABC News earlier this year, before the super blue blood moon event that took place on January 31. Read More »

Saudi Arabia to witness 21st century's longest total lunar eclipse on Friday

The spectacle will be visible across Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, South America and the Middle East, but not North America. During a total lunar eclipse , the moon passes through the Earth's shadow. Jackie Flaherty , an astrophysicist at the American Museum of Natural History, tells TIME. Even if you're in North America, you can still watch the July 27 eclipse online through the Virtual Telescope Project's website , which will start livestreaming the eclipse at 2:30 p.m. Read More »

14 shot in downtown Toronto, gunman dead, say police


The young girl is in critical condition, while the condition of the rest of the victims was not known yet, police spokesman Mark Pugash says. Yet Canada is seen as one of the safest countries in the world , with lower gun crimes than the U.S., as well as little political instability. Read More »

Starwatch: red marvel that is a lunar eclipse

In the United Kingdom, this means the Blood Moon will appear already eclipsed in the Earth's shadow at moonrise. Those on the east coast will not see the Moon leave the shadow but people living further west should see almost all of the lunar eclipse. Read More »

Armoured dinosaur with spiky head unveiled at Utah museum


The species of ankylosaur was a squat plant-eater that roamed southern Utah on four legs about 76 million years ago, during the late Cretaceous Period . A working hypothesis is that two separate groups of ankylosaurid dinosaurs existed in North America during this time, and that a second migration wave from Asia, likely via a land bridge, made it possible. Read More »

SpaceX rocket makes a attractive pre-dawn landing at seaa


Operating from Telesat's prime orbital location of 63 degrees West, 22,250 miles above the earth, the Telstar 19 Vantage satellite has two high throughput payloads, one in Ku-band and the other in Ka-band, serving the South, Central and North American regions. Read More »

Sir David Attenborough: Watching butterflies offers 'precious breathing space'


Sir David said: 'A few precious moments watching a stunning red admiral or peacock butterfly feeding amongst the flowers in my garden never fails to bring me great pleasure. However, this year, weather in the United Kingdom has created the right conditions for butterflies to flourish. Sir David also said the Big Butterfly Count , which involves spending 15 minutes in a sunny spot counting butterflies and submitting sightings online, can help gather vital information that may help protect ... Read More »

Oil majors win dismissal of New York City climate lawsuit


NY is one of several cities that have filed suit against big oil companies, which the municipalities blame for adverse impacts related to global warming. city that has been dismissed . Both judges found the Clean Air Act supplanted common law on global warming nuisance complaints, and ruling otherwise would circumvent elected officials. Read More »

Neil Armstrong’s space artifacts to be auctioned


Among the collection's most remarkable items are some sterling silver Robbins Medallions from the Apollo 11, including a rare gold one. There are also some personal items. "There will be products that make you believe, products that make you laugh and products that make you scratch your head", the astronaut's kid Mark Armstrong stated. Read More »

Trump aims to end automatic protections for some threatened species


The public will have 60 days to offer comments to the proposed changes before a final plan is issued. William BishopMore than 100 Dems oppose GOP efforts to change endangered species law Western lawmakers introduce bills to amend Endangered Species Act New emails reveal Pruitt exempted Utah oil companies from smog rules MORE (R-Utah), Chairman of the House Natural Resources Committee. Read More »

Oldest baby snake fossil, 99 million years old, discovered in Myanmar


Scientists compared the ancient snake embryo to the embryos of modern snakes, which revealed differences in the ways the serpents developed vertebrae and notochords. It remains unclear how the baby snake lost its head. "Even though it is a baby, there are very unique features of the top of the vertebrae that have never been seen before in other fossil snakes of a similar kind", he said. Read More »

Neptune looks beautifully blue in sharp new telescope image


Experts from the European Southern Observatory captured the shot using its Very Large Telescope , based in the deserts of northern Chile. But there isn't now a spacecraft orbiting Neptune, so if scientists want pictures, they need to take them from 2.9 billion miles away. Read More »

Successful Blue Origin Rocket Test in West Texas


About 20 seconds (and 100 feet) after the New Shepard and the crew capsule separates, the motor on the capsule will fire with 70k foot pounds of thrust, sending the capsule 50,000 ft higher than it has gone before. We have a flight test schedule and schedules of those types always have uncertainties and contingencies. The booster and capsule - both repeat fliers - landed successfully. Read More »

Scientists discover new Maghalayan age in Earths history

Krem Mawmluh in Sohra was the cave that was studied by the California team of geologists that finally resulted in coining the new geological time " Meghalayan Age ", related to a period of drought 4,200 years ago in Earth's history. The proposals were developed by a dedicated, global team of Holocene scientists led by Mike Walker of the University of Wales. "Agriculture-based societies developed in several regions after the end of the last Ice Age, before a 200-year climatic event affected ... Read More »

Quadrillion tonnes of diamond hidden 100 miles below Earth's surface


The researchers found that these sound waves tend to speed up when passing through the bottom, or roots, of cratons - much faster than they had previously thought. This massive treasure trove lies buried far deeper than any drilling machine has ever ventured, some 90 to 150 miles (145 to 240 kilometers) below the surface. Read More »

Blue Origin's New Shepard Vehicle Aces Test of Crew-Escape Motor


Its effectiveness is essential to ensuring the safety of any people who might ride aboard the capsule in the future. Blue Origin tested the motor at a lower altitude during a memorable flight back in October 2016 , but the company's engineers wanted to make sure that the system would work as well at a higher altitude, where the atmosphere thins out to near-nothingness. Read More »

The Belgian priest named Georges Lemaître revealed that universe is growing

Two years later , this theory was confirmed by Edwin Hubble and will soon be called Hubble's Law . The Belgian Priest was a multi-talented man, as he was also an astronomer and a physics professor at the University of Leuven. Perhaps the best compliment Lemaître ever recieved came from famous physicist Albert Einstein , who said "This is the most lovely and satisfactory explanation of creation to which I have ever listened". Read More »

A dozen new moons have been discovered orbiting Jupiter


It's easy to understand why these 12 new additions had been missed so far. That seems to be what happened to astronomers working at the Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory in Chile, where a planned survey of trans-neptunian objects was interrupted by Jupiter . Read More »

Trump backs off siding with Russian Federation over USA intelligence amid backlash

House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wisc., told reporters Tuesday that Russian Federation "did meddle with our elections", and said he would consider further sanctions against Moscow. "It's called Trump Derangement Syndrome!" "I think by stating the fact that Russian Federation interfered with our election, that's a pretty bold call-out of another world leader", Sanders said. Read More »

Blue Origin subjects its rocket to high-altitude escape test

The test campaign began in 2015, and despite the loss of the first booster, the second flight in November 2015 kick-started a successful run of test flights. Also, ticket prices for a trip into space haven't yet been decided, noted Cornell. Other experiments included one to measure magnetic fields inside the capsule and another to test a vibration isolation platform that could be used by future payloads to further reduce vibrations for "higher precision microgravity studies". Read More »

UK Government funding for vertical launch spaceport in Sutherland


New "horizontal" launch sites - where runways are used by space planes carrying satellites and tourists - are also planned in Cornwall, Glasgow and North Wales. The UK Space Agency has chosen a location to build Europe's first spaceport in Sutherland on the north coast of Scotland. "Lockheed Martin will apply its 50 years of experience in small satellite engineering, launch services and ground operations, as well as a network of United Kingdom -based and global teammates, to deliver new ... Read More »

Astronomers Serendipitously Discover 12 Moons Around Jupiter


The astronomers were not intentionally searching for new Jovian moons when they began observing. The final discovery is classified as an " oddball " as it has an orbit unlike any other Jovian moon. The latest count of 79 known moons of Jupiter includes eight that have not been seen for several years. Nine of the new satellites orbit in a distant swarm of outer moons that are thought to be leftover from a series of collisions that might have involved what were once three larger bodies. Read More »

Under the continental plates are 1000 trillion tons of diamonds

Diamonds are one of society's most precious items, and scientists have now found a hidden treasure trove that holds more than a quadrillion tons of the jewels. To explain the seismic data , the team started playing with the possible composition of these roots. After conducting a series of experiments in the lab where they sent sound waves through different rocks, the researchers found that only rock containing 1-2% diamond, among other components, could produce the velocities recorded in ... Read More »

Astronomers Have Discovered a Dozen New Moons Circling Jupiter

Several other telescopes also confirmed those observations. There are also small interior moons that orbit in the same direction as Jupiter, which are referred to as prograde moons . The remaining moon is less than a kilometer across, further out than the two conventional moons and has a 1.5-year orbit-and the orbit is inclined. Read More »

12 new moons spotted around Jupiter - but one may destroy them all

Researchers in the USA stumbled upon the new moons while hunting for a mysterious ninth planet that is postulated to lurk far beyond the orbit of Neptune, the most distant planet in the solar system. The team discovered 12 new Jovian moons, ten of which were never-before-seen objects, while a further two had been spotted previously by scientists. Read More »

Critically endangered black rhinos die during relocation


The surviving rhinos that were transported are now being given fresh water. Conservationists and environmentalists have called for speedy investigations into the death of seven black rhinos at the Tsavo East National Park . I dread to think of the suffering that these poor animals endured before they died. The number of African black rhinos dropped almost 98 percent from 1960 to 1995 before conservation efforts began to slowly rebuild the population . Read More »