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Sean Spicer's weekend book signing in Massachusetts CANCELLED


Former White House press secretary Sean Spicer's new book reflecting on his time at the podium paints a rosy if occasionally-thorny picture of his former boss. One Spicer defender shouted to the protester, "Get the f- out!" "It's a garbage book and you're a garbage person", the heckler shouted at the end of the video. Read More »

Be my guest, Putin tells Trump


Both leaders have called the Helsinki meeting successful, and Mr Putin rounded on US summit critics earlier this month for wanting to sacrifice the US-Russia relationship over "narrow party interests". "I repeat once again, if the right conditions for work are created". But it's just talk at this point. Trump has said he wants to improve ties between the two nuclear powers, whose relations have dipped to a post-Cold War low in recent years. Read More »

Attack on security convoy in Kabul kills 3


The NDS convoy was on its way from Maidan Wardak province to the capital Kabul , it added. Ghafor Azizi, 5th district police chief in western Kabul , said two vehicles caught fire in the attack. The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack through its spokesperson Zabihullah Mujahid, who identified the suicide bomber as Ahmad Ghaznawi and confirmed the convoy was their intended target. Read More »

Ecuador, UK look to end Assange embassy stay


News of a suspected eviction follows reports that the case of Mr Assange would be handed over to British authorities after Ecuador cut off all connections with him in March after first giving him sanctuary and citizenship. Moreno was in London to attend a global disabilities summit. "I have never agreed with the interventions in people's private emails in order to obtain information, however valuable it may be, to bring out certain undesirable acts of governments or people, not in that way". Read More »

Victory Lap for Trump as He Boasts of 'Amazing' GDP Number

Finally, here's Trump in September 2016 saying "it's time to establish a national goal of reaching 4 percent economic growth ". That's the figure you see in the headlines, and it's exactly where the experts were predicting. "We're on track to hit the highest annual average growth rate in over 13 years". In any case, I am skeptical that the trade deficit will shrink markedly in the near term, as the US economy is stronger than that of most of our trading partners and in an economy ... Read More »

Putin wants Trump to come to Moscow

She said it didn't matter to her because she hadn't planned to be there anyway. Journalists and free press advocates responded to the obvious disconnect in the White House's statement. Bill Shine disputed the idea she was banned per se, but even Fox News defended her over the White House. It added: "They were not". He has also asked that retaliatory action be taken against them. Read More »

Irish Foreign Minister seeks to reassure unionists


Agreeing to split the regulatory regime between Northern Ireland and the British mainland would be politically explosive for May. "On the one hand on the issue of the border between Northern Ireland and European Union member the Irish Republic and secondly on the undivided internal market, where Britain can not cherrypick", he added. Read More »

Domestic violence leave law passes in New Zealand


She described the law as a commitment to early intervention. It also protects domestic violence victims from being dismissed from their jobs or have their employment conditions downgraded. But advocates of the leave measure don't agree. Nationwide, police respond to a family violence incident every four minutes and many cases go unreported, according to the advocacy group Shine. Read More »

Death of World's Oldest Person in the World Confirmed


Chiyo Miyako died Sunday. Guinness officially declared Miyako the world's oldest person in April, after the death of fellow Japanese citizen Nabi Tajima , who also was 117. Guinness keeps track of the world's oldest people, although there are some disputes over whether the titles are always given to the right people. In this January 2, 2018, photo provided by Goodtime Home 1, Kane Tanaka flashes a peace sign during her 115th birthday celebration at her nursing home in Fukuoka, ... Read More »

Trump knew about Trump Tower meeting with Russians, Cohen source to CNN

Cohen is under federal investigation for bank fraud as well as possible campaign finance violations , and FBI agents are scrutinizing whether he had inflated the value of his taxi medallion business to seek additional financing. Meanwhile, the president's son has been pictured just metres away from Mr Mueller at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport on Friday morning. Read More »

Beauty brands ban Kuwaiti blogger over comments on Filipino maids


It was followed by Japanese multinational Shiseido, which said on Thursday it "does not support or align with the recent statements made by Sondos Al Qattan". Instead of apologizing, the social media influencer clarified that the passport of any expat employee "should be in the possession of the employer to protect the employer's interest irrelevant of the employee/employer nationality". Read More »

Parts of Yosemite National Park Closed Due to 36,000-Acre Ferguson Fire


The rough terrain is hard to access by road and is filled with thick, dry brush and heavy timber, which will make the fire hard to contain, officials said. Yosemite West, Yosemite View Lodge and and Old Yosemite Road have all been issued a mandatory evacuation notice. At that point, park rangers and fire crews will determine whether the area is safe enough to reopen. Read More »

Brussels deals blow to Theresa May's big Brexit idea


Barnier indicated that the United Kingdom could maintain the so-called "frictionless" border with the Republic of Ireland by remaining in the EU's Customs Union - although this would make it extremely hard for Britain to take back control of its trade policy from Brussels even theoretically, and break a key Brexit pledge in Theresa May's election manifesto. Read More »

Arabs Riot on Temple Mount, Shoot Fireworks at Police


For Muslims, the Al-Aqsa represents the world's third holiest site. Police did not confirm the closures but said the clashes were sparked after Friday midday prayers as "rioters started to throw fireworks directly at police". The mosque is a rallying point for Palestinians and Muslims generally, who fear Israel is seeking to change the so-called status quo arrangement at the site. Read More »

Ex-lawyer says Trump knew of 2016 meeting with Russians

It came after Cohen reportedly said Trump approved an infamous meeting between campaign staff and Russians during the 2016 campaign . President Donald Trump denied Friday foreknowledge of a meeting during the 2016 election campaign at which Russians promised to share dirt on his rival Hillary Clinton - shooting back at an explosive allegation by his longtime lawyer, Michael Cohen . Read More »

United Kingdom halts cooperation with USA over IS suspects


The UK would not oppose the use of the death penalty if the pair were extradited to the US, MPs were told earlier this week. Earlier this week it was revealed that home secretary Sajid Javid had written to the U.S. Diplomatic wrangling followed their imprisonment, as nations sought to decide where the pair - now stateless - should be tried. The Home Office agreed to a short-term pause in its co-operation with USA authorities - a process known as mutual legal assistance (MLA) - but has ... Read More »

Five men charged over 'acid attack' on 3-year-old boy


It is not yet known whether he has suffered longer term implications as a result of his injuries. Police refused to comment on speculation the child was at the center of a family dispute, but they did say they thought the alleged attack was deliberate. Read More »

Trump Denies He Knew Beforehand of Meeting With Russian Lawyer

Once unswervingly loyal to Trump, Cohen has fallen out with the president in recent months. According to CNN , Cohen does not have evidence to support his story. Details may change. This story will be updated, and NCRM will likely publish follow-up stories on this news. "A particular focus will be Trump Jr.'s initial statement about the meeting, which turned out to be false, and which the president dictated from Air Force One while returning from Europe". Read More »

Russia's Vladimir Putin: Donald Trump has an invitation to come to Moscow

President Trump is open to visiting Russian Federation if President Vladimir Putin extends a formal invitation , the White House said on Friday. "Regarding our meetings, I understand very well what President Trump said. I am ready for this". "One of President Trump's big pluses is that he strives to fulfil the promises he made to voters, to the American people", Putin said. Read More »

’Community' Dispute: Father of Three-Year-Old Acid Attack Victim Among Suspects Detained


She had moved because of difficulties within her family. Police moved her and her son to a police safe house after the attack amid fears it could happen again. we are absolutely committed to getting to the bottom of this incident", West Mercia Police Chief Superintendent Mark Travis said in the statement . The boy has been discharged from hospital after suffering serious burns to his arms and face, but police say the long-term implications on his health are "unknown". Read More »

USA and European Union agree to work towards lower trade barriers

China and other top US trade partners zeroed in on American farmers with retaliatory tariffs after the administration imposed duties on Chinese goods as well as steel and aluminum from the European Union , Canada and Mexico. We reported in error that Canada has imposed tariffs on USA apples. "The next step should be in setting up dialogues with our other trading partners, going back to Canada and Mexico, Japan, Korea, other USA allies, and China and working things out there", she continues. Read More »

Mueller reportedly examining Trump's tweets in obstruction probe


Comey, according to three people briefed on the matter". The report said Mueller wanted to question Trump about the tweets and that the public statements from Trump on his preferred social media platform add to an obstruction investigation, which includes Trump's private statements to Comey and others about the Russian Federation investigation as well as potential pardon offers to people who could end up as witnesses. Read More »

Trump accuses Twitter of targeting Republicans, offers no evidence


The president did not explain how it would be an "illegal" practice. The president had tweeted, "Twitter "SHADOW BANNING" prominent Republicans". Twitter shares, already lower in premarket trading after Facebook Inc's disappointing earnings late Wednesday damped enthusiasm for technology and social media stocks, dipped a bit further and volume rose slightly after Trump's tweet at 7:46 a.m. Read More »

White House defends decision to bar CNN reporter


Trump initially invited Putin to Washington, D.C., in the fall to follow up on their summit in Helsinki, Finland , which was widely criticized for the us president's refusal to publicly confront the Russian leader over election interference. Read More »

UK Jewish newspapers warn Corbyn poses ‘existential threat’ to British Jewry


Under the headline "United we stand", The Jewish Chronicle , Jewish News and Jewish Telegraph wrote in their Thursday editions that they have taken the "unprecedented step of speaking as one by publishing the same front page". "Dirty Jew" is wrong, "Zionist bitch" fair game? The reason for this move? The editorial concludes: With the government in Brexit disarray, there is a clear and present danger that a man with a default blindness to the Jewish community's fears, a man who has ... Read More »

Facebook blocks Infowars’ Alex Jones from posting for 30 days

In other words, other InfoWars admins can keep posting on pages within "The Alex Jones Channel" unless they, too, break Facebook's rules. In another video, Jones drew a comparison between an animated drag queen show to Satanism. The suspension comes soon after Facebook was criticised for not taking action against InfoWars and Mr Jones who has repeatedly claimed that the 9/11 attacks were staged by the U.S. Read More »

Drug cartel puts price on dog's head after cocaine bust


The Urabeños, Colombia's most powerful criminal organisation, is offering 200m peso (about NZ$101,000) for the german shepherd's life, the BBC reports . She recently discovered about 5.8 tons of cocaine in the town Turbo and an additional 4.4 tons in vehicle parts that were set to be exported. In a tweet, the anti-narcotics division of the Colombian National Police Force said Sombra had tormented cartel boss Dairo Antonio " Otoniel " Usuga for the last three years. Read More »

Whistleblower Emails Suggest Stormy Daniels' Ohio Arrest Was Planned by Columbus Police


The Trump and Daniels scandal is ever growing and involves an investigation into alleged hush money given to Daniels before the 2016 election. The charges were quickly dropped . Preceding the arrest Keckley's emails include news clippings and tweets about Daniels upcoming appearance at the club Sirens. Emails obtained by the Fayette Advocate show that a Columbus detective, Shana Keckley , emailed herself a video of Daniels two days before her scheduled appearance in Columbus, and sent ... Read More »

Japan executes sarin attack cult members


The attack killed 13 people and injured at least 5,800 people, some permanently, shattering the nation's myth of public safety. Thirteen members of the Aum Shinrikyo group had received death sentences. Japanese doomsday cult leader Shoko Asahara sits in a police van following an interrogation in Tokyo , Japan , in this photo taken by Kyodo September 25, 1995. Read More »

YouTube removes four videos from conspiracy theorist Alex Jones


The videos uploaded to The Alex Jones Channel contained hate speech directed toward Muslims, among other groups; one featured the headline, "How to prevent liberalism" and showed an adult shoving a child to the ground. The channel received a strike in February which has now expired. He has been widely criticised for repeating theories that the 9/11 attacks were staged by the United States government. Read More »

Texas inmate rides atop moving patrol auto


The frightening scene unfolded along Highway 277 in rural Archer County as a deputy with the Taylor County Sheriff's Office was taking Martin Estrada, 31, from a mental health facility in Wichita Falls to Ailene, about two hours away. According to authorities, Estrada was wanted in Abilene on charges of aggravated robbery, evading arrest and methamphetamine possession. According to officials, Estrada demanded that the deputy stop the vehicle, but the deputy continued driving and called for ... Read More »

Toronto suspect's family says he was ill


Hussain was killed in a gunfight with police after his rampage through restaurants and cafes in the fashionable neighborhood, though it wasn't immediately clear whether he was killed by police bullets or committed suicide. She was involved in the youth wing of the federal Liberal party and was remembered as a young woman who was "smart, passionate and full of energy". "One of my friends said she saw people on the sidewalk (when he was shooting) and other people down the street coming out ... Read More »

Seoul considers reducing troops along N Korea border zone


The ministry said it will consider a full-scale pullout from the zone. USA army soldiers stand guard at the truce village of Panmunjom inside the demilitarized zone (DMZ) separating the two Koreas, South Korea, April 18, 2018. The ministry also announced plans to introduce a de facto maritime boundary as a "peace sea" that would allow fishermen from both countries to operate in the waters without fear of reprisal, as well as a joint program with the United States involving the excavation ... Read More »

Republican bid to impeach deputy attorney general founders


Rosenstein's antagonists, however, led by Republicans Mark Meadows of North Carolina and Jim Jordan of OH, have vowed that they will continue to pursue the effort and keep up their campaign against Rosenstein and the Justice Department, which they argue are stonewalling requests for information about the 2016 elections investigations. Read More »

Severe Thunderstorm Warning In Effect


It will remain in effect tor the next nine hours, which means commuters may be caught in the storm tonight. The line of severe thunderstorms is tracking across southern Ontario, with the ability to produce very strong wind gusts, up to nickel-sized hail and heavy rain. Read More »

Lebanon welcomes efforts to ensure return of Syria refugees


The announcement comes after months of lobbying by Beirut for assistance in returning refugees. The UN refugee agency UNHCR says there are about a million Syrians in Lebanon, around a quarter of its population, while the Lebanese government puts the number at 1.5 million. Read More »

Turkey has no replacement for Iran's energy


Reuters in a recent report quoted estimates by the International Energy Agency (IEA) as showing that the USA could not rely on Saudi Arabia for too long to make up for the missing Iranian oil supplies once American sanctions are re-imposed against the country. Read More »

French interior minister to face grilling over Macron aide scandal


They were questioned on Saturday for allegedly leaking security footage to try and prove Mr Benalla's innocence. In an unusual communication strategy, Macron has remained silent since the controversy broke last week, while political allies and aides tried but failed to damp down the story with the opposition and the media - leaving him exposed to direct questioning of his use of his presidential powers. Read More »

U.S. senators push sanctions to send Putin election meddling warning


Ushakov declined to discuss the Helsinki summit, pointing to the heated reaction it caused in the U.S. During his first summit with Putin earlier this month, Trump provoked an uproar at home with comments that cast doubt on US intelligence findings that Russian Federation interfered in the 2016 election to hurt Democrat Hillary Clinton and help Trump win. Read More »

White House bans CNN reporter from press event for 'inappropriate' questions


Some of her queries focused on an audio recording of Trump taken by his former lawyer, Michael Cohen, about a tabloid payment to a woman alleging an affair with Trump. CNN , in a statement , objected to the move, calling it "retaliatory in nature" and "not indicative of an open and free press". "It can not stand", said the group's president, Olivier Knox. Read More »

Cairo zoo tries to pass off donkey as zebra by painting stripes


Sarhan visited the International Garden in Cairo at the weekend. Facebook/Mahmoud Sarhan Observers have noticed that this animal's snout is gray, rather than black, and its ears seem larger than a typical zebra's ears. The animals are at Cairo's International Garden municipal park. The owner of the zoo justified the pain adorned animals by saying it would have cost large sums of money to smuggle the animals into Gaza due to Israeli restrictions on the importing of live animals. Read More »

Netanyahu responded to Erdogan, who called Israel "fascist and racist country"


However, both countries continue to trade with each other. "Hitler's spirit has re-emerged among administrators in Israel ". At a meeting with lawmakers from his Justice and Development (AK) party on Tuesday, Erdoğan condemned the nation state law passed in the Knesset last week , which he said mirrored the Nazi obsession with Aryan racial purity. Read More »

New Zealand Wants Australia To Change Flag After Failed Referendum


Peters, who is temporarily leading the country while Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is on maternity leave , feels strongly about the flag issue. Winston Peters - a man whose name sounds like he has several crumbs on him at all times - has long taken umbrage with Australia and, much more specifically, is frosty about our respective nation's similar flags. Read More »

Trump delays White House meeting with Putin over 'Russia witch-hunt'


The statement came as the US announced that it has no intention of recognizing Russia's 2014 annexation of Ukraine's Crimean peninsula and will not drop its economic sanctions against Moscow until Crimea is returned to Kyiv's control. Then on Tuesday, Trump issued a rare clarification and said he misspoke. It wasn't put there by Kremlin officials looking to spy on President Trump's every move, or any other nefarious individual, but rather by Adidas themselves. Read More »