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GOP Leaders Under the Gun to Avert Partial Shutdown

With that shutdown looming, Kennedy also addressed the controversy surrounding the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, also known as DACA. Trump said in his tweet that Durbin "blew" efforts to reach a deal on immigration, including addressing the fate of those who came to the USA illegally as children under a policy known as the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA . Read More »

Syrian opposition: Trump, EU should increase pressure on Russia & Iran


Hariri represents the Saudi-backed umbrella group of Syrian opposition groups which are opposed to Assad and supported by the West. Hariri said discussions in Washington, including with White House national security adviser H.R. "What is the benefits of establishing such an army?" he asked. "A large, separate Kurdish force might open the door for a new political struggle in the region", Hariri was quoted Tuesday as saying by local media, including The Guardian. Read More »

Meteor fireball lights up sky across MI


Tuesday. The bright light and loud sound were also witnessed across other states including Wisconsin and Ohio. So far, most of the reports we are getting are from MI, although several of you here in Northeast Ohio say you saw or heard the meteor as well. Read More »

Mormon church names a new president


The Mormon Church announced Tuesday morning that Russell M. Nelson has become its new president. President Russell M. Nelson, as senior apostle, is the head of the quorum . As he took the new post, he made a point of the importance of the Mormon model of succession. Asked about the policy Tuesday, Nelson said, "Every member needs to know the difference between what's doctrine and what's human". Read More »

Ex-CIA Officer Suspected of Aiding China Arrested at JFK Airport


Despite the fact that Lee is suspected of a more serious crime of espionage , which carries the death penalty , authorities preferred a lesser charge of unlawful possession of classified information . While traveling back to the 2012, Lee and his family stayed at hotels in Hawaii and Virginia, DOJ said. Numerous informants were killed in a systematic dismantling of the CIA spy network in China , The New York Times reported citing several former intelligence officers. Read More »

A call for hope at King prayer walk for peace and justice


In Washington, King's elder son, Martin Luther King III, criticized Trump, saying, "When a president insists that our nation needs more citizens from white states like Norway , I don't even think we need to spend any time even talking about what it says and what it is". Read More »

New England Patriots vs. Jacksonville Jaguars - 1/21/18 NFL Pick, Odds, and Prediction


He's confident. He should be confident in his team. Safety Duron Harmon , asked the same question, said, "Hey, man, Jalen Ramsey's a good player". That's exactly what our whole team will be focused on. "A.J. grew up in my district, my wife taught him in school, and we have known A.J. and his family all our lives", Bamberg County Council Vice Chairman Trent Kinard said in a statement. Read More »

Actress Jessica Falkholt dies after Boxing Day crash


Jessica was involved in a horrific vehicle accident that killed her parents, Lars and Vivian , her sister, Annabelle , and the driver of the other auto, on Boxing Day. The actress, 29, played Hope Morrison in the soap. In a Facebook post, he wrote: "So hard to concentrate today, this screenshot is from just eight weeks ago, where I had the pleasure of another audition with the gorgeous Jessica Falkholt ". Read More »

President Trump receives physical check-up

Trump was asked about his reported comment from January 11, that he'd described places like Haiti and African nations as "shithole" countries . According to the Washington-based news website, AU said that Trump's remarks "dishonour the celebrated American creed and respect for diversity and human dignity". Read More »

Collapse of Colombian bridge kills nine workers


Nine of those who fell died immediately, and the 10th died of his injuries after being taken to a hospital. Several laborers were injured and eleven are reportedly missing. The bridge was part of a highway in a mountainous region outside the capital Bogota . Transportation Minister German Cardona visited rescue staff on the ground with Dimitri Zaninovich, the head of the national infrastructure agency and reportedly described the incident as a "tragedy". Read More »

Battlefield 1's DLC Will Have a Free Trial This Week Only


While players that don't own a Battlefield 1 Premium Pass can use the new weapons and vehicles included in the expansions during the trial , they will not be able to spawn with them. Suffice it to say, you can now play more Operations than you could before, and that's a good thing in my book. Battlefield 1 fans are certainly strangers to DLC. Read More »

North Korea Mocks Trump's 'Nuclear Button' Boast


The president's accusation echoed one from White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders on Saturday evening. Separately, NBC News reports that Arizona Republican Senator Jeff Flake, one of Trump's fiercest critics in the GOP, plans to denounce the president's attacks on the media as reminiscent of Soviet dictator Josef Stalin in a speech on the Senate floor this week. Read More »

Courts block Trump's rollbacks of DACA


It defies both law and common sense for DACA-an entirely discretionary non-enforcement policy that was implemented unilaterally by the last administration after Congress rejected similar legislative proposals and courts invalidated the similar DAPA policy-to somehow be mandated nationwide by a single district court in San Francisco. Read More »

Syria war: Turkish forces mass near Kurdish areas


Mr Erdogan also urged North Atlantic Treaty Organisation to stop the U.S. helping the SDF create a "border security force" to protect its territory in Syria. However, the US-led coalition is supporting the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) and YPG in the Syrian conflict . Syria's deputy foreign minister, Faysal Mekdad, denounced the nascent US force and said anyone who cooperates with it is a "traitor" who would meet defeat and death. Read More »

Iceland vows to go plastic-free on own brands within 5 years


The new trays and paper bags are created to be fully recyclable using current domestic recycling streams or in-store collection, and as such are deemed to be less harmful to the environment. The new year has seen a fierce media, political and popular focus on the topic of plastic packaging waste across Europe, but with particular intensity in the United Kingdom, following the powerful exposure of the ocean litter crisis in the BBC's series Blue Planet 2. Read More »

Siena poll finds Cuomo's favorability at highest in 8 years


That's up from a 52-43 percent favorability rating in November's Siena poll. "A staggering 29 percent of New Yorkers say they have been treated unfairly in the a year ago due to their race, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation". When it comes to sexual harassment, three-quarters of voters polled believe it is a significant problem in the workplace. It also reports that voters and Cuomo's goals for this fiscal year line up- taxes are priority along with health care and education. Read More »

Truly once in a blue moon on Jan 31


A rare moon sighting that many are now calling the "blue blood supermoon " is happening this January. But the exact shade of the blue blood supermoon will vary depending on certain atmospheric conditions, such as dust in the Earth's atmosphere or the recent occurrence of a volcanic eruption. Read More »

The hubris of Donald Trump

In a statement on Sunday, the South African international-relations department said the Trump comments were "disturbing" and "crude and offensive". Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) when he suggested that Trump consider the CBC's demands, and that those lawmakers would be more amendable to an agreement if certain countries were given immigration protections. Read More »

Two Koreas in fresh talks on Winter Olympics


Officials from the two states met to hash out details about the troupe performing in South Korea, The Associated Press reported Sunday night. The latest reconciliation mood flared after North Korea agreed last week to send a delegation of officials, athletes, cheerleaders, journalists and an art troupe to the Winter Olympics in a major reconciliatory gesture after a year of tension over its expanding nuclear program. Read More »

President's Doctor: Trump Asked For Cognitive Exam, Did 'Exceedingly Well'

Last week, Mr Trump underwent a three-hour examination in his first medical check-up since becoming USA president. Jackson said he "initially had no intention" of including a test of the president's mental fitness in his first annual physical, and stressed that he had "absolutely no concerns about his cognitive ability or neurological functions". Read More »

Donald Trump pitches for merit-based immigration system

Trump is being accused of referring to some nations as " shithole countries ". Trump announced a year ago he would cancel the Obama administration's executive order allowing DACA, but had repeatedly urged Congress to work out a new policy and voiced his support for the so-called dreamers, including last week when he called for a " bill of love". Read More »

Haitian protesters march across bridge leading to Mar-a-Lago


President Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida , was cited for 15 kitchen violations and other maintenance problems in November, according to state records. A week before a visit from Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, inspectors cited sushi that was ready for consumption that had "not undergone proper parasite destruction" and food stored in broken coolers that at temperatures high enough to cause spoilage. Read More »

Donald Trump insists he is 'not racist' in wake of derogatory comments

He blamed Democrats for failing to reach a deal on DACA, the Obama-era policy that offers protection for children who were brought to the US illegally. As Trump informed, the Democrats tried to interfere with the GOP and Democratic lawmakers who were talking about DACA, and how to help the millions of children illegally brought to the United States. Read More »

'I'm not a racist': Trump defends himself, denies making vulgar comments


Trump was meeting with lawmakers about a potential deal on immigration last week when he questioned why the US should admit more people from Africa and Haiti. Senator Durbin has it. Senator Perdue does not. Mr Trump was not apologetic and denied he was racist, instead blaming the media for distorting his meaning, said the confidant. Read More »

Trump Defends Himself Anew Against Charges That He Is Racist

On a day of remembrance for Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., Trump spent time at his golf course with no public events, bypassing the acts of service that his predecessor staged in honor of the civil rights leader on the holiday. President Jovenel Moise's government issued a strongly worded statement denouncing what it called a "racist" view of Haitian immigrants and people from African countries. Read More »

UK Labour chief 'concerned' by Israel's anti-BDS list


Corbyn clarified, however, in his Sunday´s statements to the media, that Labor Party "does not support or ask for a second referendum, what we demand is a vote in Parliament" on that initiative, which could be approved by the legislators. Labour leader and self-styled Communist Jeremy Corbyn has questioned the value of Britain's "special relationship" with the United States, suggesting Washington is not actually the UK's "most important ally, ' while criticizing Trump " s 'endless offensive ... Read More »

Armenia & Artsakh ranked as 'partly free'


The values it embodies - especially the right to be elected leaders of free and fair elections, freedom of the media and the rule of law - are being attacked on a global scale. A state of emergency was declared in 2016 after the infamous failed putsch against Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Only 88 out of 195 countries were rated "free", 58 were " partly free " and 49 - "not free" in its latest report. Read More »

Pastor condemned Trump's 's---hole countries' comments while Pence attended service


Do you hear me church?... whoever said it is wrong. Noting there were Africans and Haitians in the congregation, the pastor said they were "owed an apology", but "probably won't get one". "And I further say, whoever made such a statement and whoever used such a visceral disrespectful dehumanizing adjective to characterize the nations of Africa, whoever..." He went on to call for the president to be held accountable for his words. Read More »

Schools make the call early: Another snow day Wednesday


Information also is posted on all school websites , district social media, and shared with news media. Here is the list of school closures for January 17, 2018. In addition, all district and after-school activities for Tuesday and Wednesday are canceled. Pelican Park said it would close at 4:30 p.m. Tuesday and that Tuesday night's games will be played on Wednesday night. Read More »

Stanford Reading Robots Beat Humans on Comprehension Test


The test is created to generate questions based on a series of Wikipedia articles, so, it could give it the article on World War I and ask it: What was the name of Archduke Franz Ferdinand's assassin? Other notable AI programs participating in the test and closing in on beating human scores come from the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence , Tencent, Salesforce and others. Read More »

PM Modi Launches USD 6.8 Billion Refinery In Rajasthan


Some people mislead citizens often. "It is in contrast to the opposition in the state, whose poor drought management in Rajasthan is widely known", he said. Slamming Congress, Prime Minister said, there are several such areas in which they have been misleading the nation for years. This is a time for 'Sankalp Se Siddhi.' We have to identify our targets and work towards achieving them by 2022, when we mark 75 years of freedom, the Prime Minister said. Read More »

CNN's Chief White House Correspondent Calls Trump A 'Racist' Live On-Air


The House voted to reauthorize snooping provisions known by the Capitol Hill shorthand as "Section 702", which are due to expire next week. Republican leaders in both the House and the Senate had counted on enough moderate Democrats and Republicans to stick together to extend the legal basis for the surveillance program, with only minimal changes. Read More »

National Weather Service says snow likely tonight, tomorrow


The low is expected to be around 20 degrees with a wind chill between 8 and 18 degrees. The weather service said the band of light snow will cross the state today and move out later this evening. Closer to home, state road crews in SC and North Carolina are spreading a brine solution on highways to prevent the snow from turning into ice when it falls on the cold surfaces Wednesday morning . Read More »

Florida gas prices facing upward pressure


GasBuddy surveys 2,294 gas outlets in the Sooner State each day to collect their average. The highest oil prices in four years have driven up the price of gasoline according to the latest report from GasBuddy. The decline is the largest US production drop since the highly active hurricane season ended in mid-October past year. Futures spot prices are above $63 per barrel through July 2018, AAA said. Read More »

In Tweet, President Trump Says Durbin 'Blew' Deal On DACA

Lindsey Graham , R-S.C., told a SC newspaper on Monday that his "memory hasn't evolved" about the White House meeting in whichPresident Donald Trump reportedly referred to African nations as " shithole countries ". Asked if that meant such individuals would be under permanent surveillance, Nielsen give no details but said: "Up until the point that you are a citizen, we want to continue to make sure we understand who you are and why you're here". Read More »

Cassie Hayes: Man charged with travel agent murder


Merseyside police said the postmortem found that the cause of death was shock and haemorrhaging from a wound to the throat. "The woman's next of kin have been informed". Ms Hayes's former boss Michael Richards wrote on Twitter: "To all who knew our AMAZING Cassie". Leah said of Ruby: "It's killing me I have to tell her that her mammy has died - the one person [she] adored". Read More »

Why Pope Francis's trip to Chile poses a challenge


It comes at a time when many Chileans are furious over Francis' 2015 decision to appoint a bishop close to the Rev. Fernando Karadima, who the Vatican found guilty in 2011 of abusing dozens of minors over decades. The society's founder is accused of sexually and physically abusing children and former members of the group. Survivors of abuse and their supporters planned a conference and protests around the pope's arrival. Read More »

Novak Djokovic shocks the tennis world with new pay demands


Foermer world No.1 Djokovic hadn't played a competitive match since Wimbledon after being sidelined by an elbow injury, but the six-time Australian Open champion cruised past American Donald Young 6-1 6-2 6-4. "I can't control it all and past year was a fairytale". "If you see an NBA (basketball) player or an NFL (American football) player you think seven figures in their bank account and I don't think that's the case even for some players who make the main draw at Grand Slams". Read More »

Real Madrid given boost as Courtois criticizes Chelsea fans


Speaking after the match, the Italian said, "I think the problem is for the team, not only for Morata". Against Norwich , he could be ready to start on the bench and then to play a part of the game. "It is not important what time is the substitution". Conte responded to a general jibe by Mourinho to the rest of the league's top teams, and described Mourinho as "senile", "fake" and as "small man". Read More »

US Uninsured Rate Steady At 12.2% In Fourth Quarter Of 2017


As CNN Money reports, it's believed that the administration and Congress's attacks on the Affordable Care Act, which resulted in carriers leaving exchanges and others raising their rates, may have prompted people to forgo coverage. The largest increases in the uninsured rate were among black (2.3 percentage points) and Hispanic (2.2 percentage points) adults. And Gallup noted that "it seems likely that the uninsured rate will rise further in the years ahead", given the effective repeal, ... Read More »

Australian Open preview and predictions


Former No. 1-ranked Andy Roddick tweeted that "it's been a good idea for a long time", while Andy Murray's mother, Judy, said she "totally agreed". "2017, I have said goodbye already, I am not looking back", she said after a forgettable last season that saw her relinquish the number one spot and slide down the rankings. Read More »

DHS Secretary Says She Doesn't Remember Trump Saying THAT Curse Word


However, she did not explicitly deny that Trump said something along those lines. Those numbers partially underlie Trump's argument for eliminating the visa lottery program and curtailing so-called chain migration, which allows foreigners to follow distant family members into the United States, a senior administration official told reporters on a Tuesday conference call. Read More »