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Schumer says very short-term funding would be OK


Unlike in the House though, Republicans in the Senate will need Democrats to pass the measure. The delusional obstructionists in charge of the Democratic Party have no problem with allowing our military to twist in the wind if they don't get the DACA ( Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals ) fix that they want on their terms. Read More »

Twitter suspends more than 1000 Russia-linked accounts


But the same Republican members have said they can not say what exactly what the report shows because it is classified - and revealing classified information is a federal crime. SAN FRANCISCO -Twitter admitted Friday that more Internet trolls, unleashed by the Russian government, spread divisive messages and disinformation during the US presidential election than it originally said. Read More »

Australian Open heat: Players being sent to 'abattoir'


Angelique Kerber's recent revival faces its toughest test in the shape of Maria Sharapova when the only two former Australian Open champions in the women's draw clash in round three on Saturday. Open. Craig Tailey, the director of the Australian Open tournament director, says there are plans to increase the tournament's prize money over 5 years at the opening Grand Slam of the year from $55 million to $100 million. Read More »

Zimbabwe politician, Roy Bennett, dies in helicopter crash


She was able to escape before the helicopter burst into flames. Charles Burnett III, 61, died alongside Zimbabwean opposition leader Roy Bennett , his wife heather, pilot Jamie Coleman Dodd and co-pilot Paul Cobb as the group travelled to Mr Burnett's ranch. Read More »

White House doctor gives Trump 'excellent' bill of health

Trump said in the Reuters interview that he already gets exercise. Republican Senator David Perdue, who was at the meeting, said the reports of Mr Trump's use of the vulgar term were a "gross misrepresentation". "I don't believe the Democrats really want to see a deal on DACA ", he said on Twitter, referring to the programme established by Barack Obama to provide thousands of thousands immigrants protection from deportation. Read More »

Banks collected W2b in cryptocurrency trading commissions a year ago


This morning, Bitcoin was down 17 per cent, Ethereum was down 21 per cent, Litecoin had dropped 20 per cent and Ripple a whopping 30 per cent. Companies who have integrated the blockchain technology on their company such as the following; Riot Blockchain which was also known as a biotech company called Bioptix, Long Blockchain which was also called as Long Island Iced Tea Corp., and Marathon Patent were all dipping in the market as the negative Bitcoin prices linger. Read More »

US government shutdown looms amid harsh immigration exchange


House Republicans put up the needed votes to pass the continuing resolution before a handful of Democrats added their "yes" votes , for a final tally of 230-197. "To increase the government - the non-defense side of government - by 13 to 14 percent is a pay raise that I can't support, nor should we support", Meadows said. Read More »

Government shutdown a possibility as Friday deadline approaches


Not only do Senate Democrats seem unfazed by the prospect of a shutdown , some are boasting about it over not getting their way on immigration , leading the White House to name it the " Schumer Shutdown ". The bill includes a permanent legislative solution for the Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals ( DACA ) program. If passed into law, the bill would fund the government until February 16, as well as authorize six years of funding for the Children's Health Insurance Plan, which ... Read More »

Pele collapses with exhaustion, rushed to hospital


He was supposed to travel to London this week for an event held by the Football Writers Association, a trip that is now canceled. And the three-time World Cup victor, 77, had to use a wheelchair when he took part in the draw for Russian Federation 2018 in Moscow last month. Read More »

The 'girther' movement questions Donald Trumps real weight


The President Trump's BMI should not be a cause for concern, experts say, as the measure has its drawbacks. Asked whether Trump has heart disease , Jackson said he did not. Dr Jackson said the test - which Trump did "exceedingly well" on - would have shown evidence of Alzheimer's disease or other issues. Walking would leave him on the course longer than he prefers, he said. Read More »

A government shutdown looms: What you need to know


If the Senate can't strike a deal, the shutdown will go into effect at midnight. "We fully expect the government to remain open; however, in the event of a shutdown, national parks will remain as accessible as possible while still following all applicable laws and procedures", said NPS spokesman Jeffrey Olson. Read More »

Rand Paul's alleged attacker charged with federal crime


In late November, Boucher's attorney, Matthew J. Baker, told The Washington Post there was no political motivation for the assault and it was tied to simmering disagreements between the successful doctors about the maintenance - "or lack of it" - of their adjacent properties. Read More »

New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern announces pregnancy


Ardern had previously clashed with New Zealand media who asked about her plans to start a family when she was elected as leader of the Labor party in August, saying it is "unacceptable" for any employer to ask a woman if she intends to have children or not. Read More »

No review of black cab rapist's prison release


And he said the attacker will stay in prison until the exact conditions of his licence have been finalised. A three-member panel of the Parole Board decided at the end of a year ago Worboys could be released as he no longer presented a risk to the public. Read More »

Trump asks for Supreme Court review of immigration policy


Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals has protected about 800,000 people who were brought to the USA illegally as children or came with families who overstayed visas. The Supreme Court, however, doesn't typically grant cases without a completed appeals process. A Ninth Circuit appeal would require " many months of delay", forcing the government "to retain in place a discretionary policy that sanctions the ongoing violation of federal law by more than half a million people", Justice ... Read More »

US House acts to avoid shutdown as deadline nears

A Quinnipiac University poll released Thursday found that if there is a shutdown, blame would be divided: 34% say Democrats would be at most fault, 32% say Republicans would be most at fault, while 21% say Mr Trump would be most at fault. Read More »

Republicans don't really want immigration fix


Among other things, Trump wants money for a southern border wall. Immigration advocates urged DACA beneficiaries to seek renewals quickly. But in the course of the White House meeting, Trump sparked an global uproar by reportedly describing Haiti, El Salvador and African nations as "s--hole countries", questioning why more immigrants from those countries should be allowed into the United States . Read More »

President Trump: 'I am not a racist'


SC pastor Mark Burns, although skeptical of the reports about the vulgar comment, said if those were true, Trump was probably just reacting to the poor living conditions in the African nations. Sen. Graham shared a statement on Friday which said: "Following comments by the President, I said my piece to him directly yesterday". Members of Congress from both parties are trying to strike a deal Mr Trump would support to extend that protection. Read More »

House passes short-term spending bill, but legislation faces long odds in Senate

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says that Democrats will get the blame for a partial government shutdown that looks increasingly likely. The New York Democrat said "discussions will continue". "The difference between Steve King and Lindsey Graham is that Steve King can actually win an election in Iowa", Cotton said. "Shutdown coming?" he said. Read More »

Republicans want memo released that details alleged intelligence abuses


Democrats accused the GOP of hastily allowing members to access intelligence information that even most members of Nunes' own committee did not have access to, saying it presented a skewed version of events. "It is so alarming the American people have to see this", he said. Gaetz's request followed a committee vote making the memo available to all members of the lower chamber as well as Senate reauthorization of the FISA 702 program. Read More »

Egypt, Ethiopia Leaders Say Nile Dam Must Not Ruin Relations


The Nile should serve as "a source of cohesion. and development, not of conflict" with Ethiopia, which is building a controversial dam that has raised Egyptian concerns over water supplies, he said. The reservoir, he emphasized, will not have any negative impact, on the country, it will contribute to the development of all the countries of the Nile basin, especially Egypt and Sudan. Read More »

Donald Trump's physician says he's "very healthy" but could lose 10-15lbs


Jackson, a longtime White House physician, said Trump could live up to 200 years if only he watches what he eats, follows a low-fat diet, and maintains an exercise routine. Jackson said Trump has avoided some big heart risks - he's never smoked and isn't diabetic - and has no family history of heart problems. The US President appears to have lost an inch in height, meaning he narrowly keeps an overweight BMI, rather than being obese. Read More »

Ryanair says United Kingdom pilots agree to pay rises of up to 20%


Ryanair says that 65% of the airline's Irish-based pilots have agreed to a pay increase of 20% that will kick in this month. Pilots have criticised the airline for insisting on maintaining a system of 87 individual Employee Representative Councils which has been rejected by pilots in favour of union representation. Read More »

A Hawaiian National's Take On The False Missile Threat


The public broadcaster later issued an apology , saying there were "no reports of problems caused by the mistake" and that a "switching error" was to blame. today to review the circumstances surrounding the incident and the delay in canceling the false alarm. "We will become more dependent on those mobile emergency alerts as we go into the future and try to use every tool possible", Crossley told the website . Read More »

Justice Dept. says it will re-try Sen. Bob Menendez


When he came back to the Senate in December, the lawmaker said he doubted prosecutors would continue to pursue the case, but if they did, he added: "bring it on". The timing of a mistrial could be particularly troublesome politically for Menendez, who faces re-election this year. An 11-week trial last fall resulted in a hung jury. Read More »

Weekend weather: Mixture of rain and snow likely to continue


Depending on whether you are an optimist or pessimist, skies will be either partly sunny or mostly cloudy, and temps will be warm through Saturday . The chance of rain returns to the area with the second storm system Sunday and Monday , says the weather service, noting that Modesto could again get between a tenth and a quarter inch those days. Read More »

Greenwich's Carl Higbie Resigns from Trump Administration Over Racist, Sexist Comments


I just don't like Muslim people". If you manage to survive one of his cycles of re-appointments, it gives people enough time to dig into your past and see what your historical viewpoints on noteworthy topics are. He also said he was bothered by black Americans calling themselves African-Americans when they had not been to Africa: "So barring dual citizenship, you're American or you're African, but you're not both". Read More »

House Russia-Probe Panel Delays Trump Aide's Testimony


The House Intelligence Committee has agreed to give former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon until the end of the month to return to the panel and finish his closed-door interview, according to multiple sources with knowledge of the matter. Read More »

Don't harm Iran nuclear deal over unrelated issues: UN chief


However the United Nations has said the Iranian-made weapons could have been supplied by a third party. Most UN and Western sanctions on Iran were lifted under the nuclear deal. According to a law that requires the Iranian administration to safeguard the nation's achievements and nuclear rights, the National Security and Foreign Policy Commission has a duty to monitor "the proper implementation" of the JCPOA, and is required to submit a report on the issue to the presiding board of the ... Read More »

Super blue blood moon: When, where and how to view it


The total lunar eclipse will take place for nearly one hour, and during this time the moon will be completely in the Earth's dark umbral shadow. For those living in North America , Alaska, or Hawaii, the eclipse will be visible before sunrise on January 31. Read More »

House approves stop-gap government funding bill

A last-ditch battle to avert a looming United States government shutdown moved to the senate on Friday, where Democrats angered by the collapse of immigration talks have vowed to block a stop-gap funding bill. "That same fixation has them threatening to filibuster funding for the government". If Democrats vote the bill down, the move would hold undeniable risks. Read More »

Trump deemed 'fit for duty' after cognitive examination


At 239 pounds and a BMI of 29.9, Trump sits just below the obesity level. Trump, who is known to eat junk food and to avoid exercise beyond golf, is overweight. and added that the United States should get more people from countries like Norway. "He is more enthusiastic about the diet part than the exercise part, but we're going to do both". Read More »

Why is the U.S. withholding aid for Palestinian refugees?


Alexander De Croo, the Deputy Prime Minister of Belgium made the pledge in a statement on Wednesday revealing that Brussels would allocate the funds over three years. "At this time, we will not be providing that, but that does not mean - I want to make it clear - that does not mean that it will not be provided in the future". Read More »

Arizona group again helping immigrants renew DACA status


President Trump on Sunday tweeted that DACA was " probably dead " and he blamed the democrats . In a note to fellow Democrats on Tuesday, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said she and top Senate Democrat Chuck Schumer would seek to avoid a "catastrophic shutdown" of the government. Read More »

Trump slams Durbin, who he says 'misrepresented' his immigration comments

Asked about whether Cotton and Perdue could be technically correct if Trump had instead said "shithouse, " Durbin was incredulous. During an Oval Office meeting on immigration Thursday, Trump expressed frustration with people coming to the United States from countries in Africa and elsewhere, sources told CNN . Read More »

SC hears right to privacy violation pleas in Aadhaar


Recently, the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) chose to enable "Face Authentication" in fusion mode on registered devices by July 1, so that people facing difficulty in other existing modes of verification such as fingerprints, iris, and one-time-password (OTP) could easily authenticate. Read More »

After House action, it's up to the Senate to avert a shutdown


They are Maggie Hassan, N.H., Martin Heinrich, N.M., Tim Kaine, Va., Angus King , I-Maine, Patrick Leahy, Vt., Jeanne Shaheen, N.H., Jon Tester , Mont., Tom Udall, N.M., and Mark Warner, Va. Some Democrats who met with Trump aide John Kelly on Wednesday say Kelly told them there are parts of the border where a wall isn't needed and that Trump didn't know that when making campaign promises. Read More »

Sheriff Lombard discusses 1 October shooting investigation


The news broke as Nick Crosby, an attorney for the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department , argued that search warrants, affidavits, and findings in the case must remained sealed as charges are investigated. A U.S. judge on Friday unsealed more than 300 pages of Federal Bureau of Investigation warrant records justifying searches of Paddock's properties in Reno and Mesquite, Nevada, along with vehicles and multiple email, Facebook and other internet accounts belonging to Paddock and Danley. Read More »

Trump cancels Florida trip as government shutdown looms


A $250,000 ticket will allow a pair to participate in a roundtable. The optics of being in Mar-a-Lago during a government shutdown would be awful, the official said, but so far the contingency plan being most discussed is delaying departure until Saturday. Read More »

President Trump says Sen. Durbin misrepresented discussion

Durbin said Monday the White House should release whatever recording it might have of the meeting. They said Trump expressed a preference for immigrants from countries like Norway, which is overwhelmingly white. Maurice Watson, pastor of Metropolitan Baptist Church in Largo, called the reported remark "dehumanizing" and "ugly" and said "whoever made such a statement ... Read More »

Not-so-lucky: Rapper Kodak Black arrested on 7 charges


Other felonies that he's looking at after the police raided his home also include possession of a weapon by convicted felon, grand theft of a firearm, marijuana possession and, as we mentioned before, child neglect. -2 charges of possession of weapon or ammo by a felon. In Oct. of 2015 he was arrested for robbery, battery and weed possession. Kodak Black has reportedly been arrested in Florida on a slew of charges. Read More »

Three women killed as India, Pakistan trade fire

Meanwhile a statement from the Pakistan army said Indian soldiers had fired on villages across the border in Sialkot in Punjab province late on Wednesday, killing two women. Today, in Nagrota, Pakistan Army initiated unprovoked and indiscriminate firing of small arms, automatics and mortars in Sunderbani sector along the Line of Control (LC). Read More »

The defense budget could cause a partial government shutdown


Trump , who drew sharp criticism since he was reported to have insulted Haiti and African countries while discussing immigration with lawmakers on Thursday, declared late on Sunday night that's he's not racist. Trump also took credit for last week's stock market rise and for the tax cuts passed last month by Congress . Trump also denied making the statements attributed to him, but didn't get into specifics about what he did or did not say. Read More »